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Clash Royale is a new mobile game created by Supercell based on the big hit game Clash of Clans. This spin off is getting popular by the day especially to those who are getting a bit tired playing Clash of Clans.

This is a combination of card collecting game and real time strategy where you collect cards and use them to attack your opponent. You get a free chest every four hours containing random cards, gold coins, and gems.
You also get a chest for a successful attack. In addition you get one Crown chest every day after collecting ten crowns from winning the multiplayer battles.

If you are new to this game here are some excellent Clash Royale tips that you simply must know. The tips are separated into five categories; Deck Management, Attack Strategies, Defend Strategies, Chest, and then Gem & Gold Coins.

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Clash Royale Tips : Deck Management

Know your cards. Learn their strength and weaknesses. You won’t get far unless you know what each card is good for.

Join a clan so you can request cards from your clans mate to upgrade your deck. Please remember to return the favor.  By helping each other, everyone will benefit from building a stronger deck.

Donating cards also give you Experience Points, Gold, and also makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

Stick to one deck at first. The game lets you have three different decks but trying to boost three decks at once is a waste of time, gold, and gems.

Stick to one deck, upgrade the troops , buildings, and spells to the best of your abilities. Make it the meanest deck in the Kingdom then move on to your second deck.

Mix high and low Elixir troops in your deck. Low Elixir troops are weak, but they’re good for diversion. High Elixir troops are durable and pack enough punch to take down your opponent’s towers.

Always save a spot or two for spells (arrows,rocket,fireball,lightning,freeze,zap,rage,poison). They are very useful and can turn the tide of the battle.

After you assemble a new deck, test how good it is with a friendly battle with your clan mates. Tell them in advance what kind of deck you have so they can prepare a good counter.

You can do a training match in the Training Camp but it’s really pathetic. The AI is too weak you’ll end up winning most of the times.

Watch your clans mate’s replays. You’ll learn a lot from their decks as well as their attack and defend strategies.

Clash Royale Tricks : Attack Strategies

Wait for your opponent to attack first. This gives you the edge because you’ll know what troops they have in their deck and you’re keep piling up Elixirs as your opponent depletes theirs.

When both party are waiting for the others to attack first, nobody wins. If you really have to take the initiative, test the waters. Put one troop that costs the least Elixirs in your deck early in the game, for example spear goblins/bomber/minion/etc. This allows you to know your opponent’s deck without spending too many Elixirs.

Put your troops at the back of your base . This gives you time to keep piling up more Elixirs as they move to the front line. You’ll also have more time to decide your next move depending on your opponents counter move.

Don’t put all your weak troops in one go and in one place. Your opponents may have Fireball, Arrow or Lightning which can take them all in one shot. Sending all weak troops to battle is okay after your opponent fire the Arrow or Fireball.

Put durable troops in front of ranged troops. Durable troops like the Giant, Giant Skeleton or Golem can take a lot of blows while protecting the rest of your weaker troops behind them.

At the same time your ranged troops are able to attack your opponent’s troops and Tower. Giant Skeleton makes good shield because it drops a bomb that can blast both land and air troops once it kicks the bucket.

Don’t rush attacks. At times rushing an attack with multiple troops and starting heavy can overwhelm the enemy, and result in an early win. Use this tactic as the last resort about thirty seconds before the battle ends.

It’s important to build up your Elixr supply and think about what combination of cards you’d like to summon. Keep in mind that two cards can work a lot more efficiently with each other. For example, pair your melee troops/ground unit (ex:giant) with your air troops(ex:minion horde). This will distract your opponents towers as your Giant creeps closer to his powerful attacks.

Focus on attacking one Arena Tower at a time. Spreading your attacks between the two Arena Towers will make your attacks weak , and easy to counter.

Never attack the King Tower before destroying one of the Arena Towers. The King Tower is inactive until it receives damage or until one of the Arena Towers is destroyed.  Don’t give your opponent an extra fire power to counter your attacks.

Push to get 3 stars only when you are able to destroy the two Arena Towers. The Crown Tower has 60% more hit points than Arena Towers. Most of the times 2 stars is the way to go.

Clash Royale Guides : Defend Strategies

Put buildings such as Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut, and Tombstone close to your Crown Tower. Some players may make the mistake of attacking them using Arrow or Fireball and ending up activating the King’s Tower.  There are many Clash Royale tips out there that forget to mention this nifty little trick.

When one of your Arena Towers is destroyed, don’t use all of your Elixir to attack. Always spare some to counter enemy’s attack on your Crown Tower. After an Arena Tower is destroyed your opponent can now deploy their troops on your side of the map. This gives you less time to pile up Elixirs and counter using the appropriate troops and spells.

Don’t put your defending troops too close to the Tower so your opponent can’t take both your troops and Tower at once using a spell. For example, your opponent  may attack using the Freeze spell and all you can do is to watch as your Tower and defense troops are hammered to the ground.

Lure the opponent’s troops to the center area of your map by placing your own troop or building there. This gives your Tower plenty of extra time to finish them off. You can also lure them further to your other Tower drawing them away from their original target.

Counter first, attack later. When your opponent makes the first move put your troop to counter the attack. Especially if it has high Damage stats like the Mini P.E.K.K.A. Use your weakest possible troop to block the enemy’s line of fire to give your  tower the time to finish them off.

Some times, it’s okay to let your Tower Arena take some damage. For example, if  your opponent is deploying Spear Goblins as soon as the battle starts and your Elixir is only half full just let your Tower  take care of them on its own. Don’t rush and use your troop or spell. Save your elixir for a counter attack.

When defending is all you can do, defend flawlessly. It’s normal to see yourself matched with a very strong opponent with amazing deck.  In such a case always wait for your opponent to attack first and put yourself on defensive. Getting a draw is better than losing and your trophies drop.

Clash Royale Chest GuidesClash Royale Tips for Beginners : Chest

You can only accumulate 2 Free Chests. Open them as soon as they’re available.

All four chests slots are full but you still need a few crowns to open the Crown Chest? Be patient and wait. It’s better to wait than keep on attacking and ended up too soon in an Arena that’s out of your league.

Unlock Silver Chests during the day and unlock the Gold, Giant, and Magical Chests at night before you go to bed. Those three chest take an awful long time to open.

Clash Royale Tricks : Gold & Gems

Spend your gold only to upgrade your favorite deck first. Gold is hard to come by so you really need to save them just in case a rare or epic card you’ve been wanting shows up in the Shop. Upgrading cards also gets more expensive as the level increase so saving for the most important cards is a must.

Never use your Gems unless it’s of utmost importance. Using gems to speed up Chests unlocking is a big no no. Be patient and let them open in time. Here’s an example of what’s really important.

Let’s say you only need one more card to upgrade and Epic level card but that one card never seem to show up in any Chests you ‘ve received so far. When that one card finally shows up in the Shop and you don’t have enough Gold to buy it then it’s okay to use Gems to get just enough Gold to get that important card.

Okay for the last one, and this is probably one of the most important Clash Royale tips ever, try to have fun. This is a game and playing it should make you happy. Losing and winning is all part of the game.

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