3 Contoh Teks Hortatory Exposition tentang Kesehatan

Teks hortatory exposition adalah sebuah teks dalam bahasa inggris yang berupa opini penulis terhadap suatu fenomena dan didukung dengan argument berupa fakta dan data yang ada.

Teks ini biasanya digunakan untuk mempengaruhi pembaca agar mengikuti apa yang disarankan oleh penulis.

Berikut ini rangkuman pembahasan tentang hortatory exposition dan contoh teks hortatory exposition tentang kesehatan yang bisa menjadi panduan untuk kamu.

Contoh Teks Hortatory Exposition tentang Kesehatan

Struktur Teks Hortatory Exposition

Teks hortatory exposition adalah sebuah teks formal yang harus ditulis berdasarkan fakta. Penulis bisa mengajukan sebuah opini, namun wajib didukung dengan argument berupa fakta dan data.

Untuk memahami bagaimana membuat hortatory exposition, berikut ini struktur yang harus dipahami:

  • Thesis
    Pada bagian ini penulis bisa mengungkapkan opini tentang sebuah fenomena atau isu berdasarkan fakta yang ada.
  • Arguments
    Agar bisa memperkuat opini penulis, kita bisa menambahkan argument lain bahwa apa yang dikatakan penulis adalah fakta. Penulis bisa menambahkan sumber atau pendapat orang lain yang relevan.
  • Recommendation
    Penulis wajib memberikan arahan agar pembaca mau mengikuti opini penulis. Kamu bisa menuliskan saran yang sebaiknya boleh atau tidak boleh dilakukan.

Contoh Teks Hortatory Exposition Tentang Kesehatan

Setelah membahas struktur dan pengertian hortatory exposition, berikut ini adalah contoh-contohnya:

Self Awareness Implementing Health Protocol

The Covid-19 pandemic, which is still not over, has forced humans to adjust to their new life. We need to be self-aware to apply health protocols to save our lives and our families. Ignoring health protocols is the same as making the virus enter our bodies.

Arguments 1:
Health protocols are not complicated. We just need to wear masks, wash our hands, keep our distance, stay away from crowds and reduce mobility. These health protocols help us to avoid the coronavirus.

Argument 2:
The discipline of implementing health protocols will reduce the number of deaths due to COVID-19. We must do this very simple health protocol without exception.

Just need to do it, we can help the world recover from this plague. We must break the chain of virus spread through strict health protocols.

Always wear a mask wherever and whenever. Apply health protocols even if you are at home. Don’t be selfish and put the lives of our families at risk.

contoh teks

Vaccination Reduces Covid-19 Death Rates

Vaccination is something that everyone in this world must do. Getting a vaccine can help our body create a better immune system.

So that we can avoid the coronavirus and reduce the number of deaths due to this outbreak.

Argument 1:
Research shows the lungs of someone who is exposed to COVID-19 develop pneumonia. In contrast to someone who has been vaccinated and exposed to the virus, his lungs are still very good.

Argument 2:
A person who does not get the vaccine and is exposed to the coronavirus is likely to experience a cytokine storm even though the test result is negative.

Cytokine storms are very dangerous for humans because of cell clashes that affect our immune system.

You must get vaccinated. Regardless of the type and brand of vaccine, they both help you get stronger antibodies and reduce the death rate from the COVID-19 outbreak.

contoh Teks Cause and Effect Covid corona

The Use of Double Masks is Highly Recommended

WHO recommends that we use double masks, namely medical masks and cloth masks. This seems to have a good impact on breaking the chain of the spread of COVID-19.

Argument 1:
The use of double masks reduces the rate of spread of the virus. If we only use a 3 ply medical mask, we can still inhale the virus droplets.

The effectiveness of cloth masks is also only about 50%. When combined with a medical mask, the effectiveness is very good at preventing bacteria from entering.

Argument 2:
You can use a 3 ply medical mask and a cloth mask. This is very helpful to break the chain of the spread of the virus.

Especially now that the Delta variant of covid is very dangerous and the rate of spread is very fast.

Use a mask as recommended by WHO. If you are already using a 4 ply or 5 ply mask, there is no need to use a double mask.

Itulah 3 contoh teks hortatory exposition tentang kesehatan dan strukturnya. Semoga bisa menjadi panduan kamu membuat teks hortatory exposition.

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