9 Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Benda Bahasa Inggris

Salah satu materi yang kita pelajari dalam mata pelajaran bahasa inggris yaitu descriptive text. Pasti semuanya sudah pernah dengar apa itu descriptive text dan apa saja contoh-contohnya.

Namun bagi yang masih belum paham akan materi ini, kali ini kita akan membahas pengertian descriptive text dan contoh descriptive text tentang benda.

Mengapa tentang benda? Karena benda adalah sesuatu yang sangat mudah untuk di deskripsikan. Sebelum mulai membahas contoh-contoh descriptive text, kita bahas terlebih dahulu pengertian descriptive text.

Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Benda

Apa Itu Descriptive Text?

Dari namanya saja sudah kelihatan “desripctive” atau jika kita terjemahkan jadi bahasa Indonesia artinya “deskripsi”. Di mata pelajaran bahasa Indonesia, kita juga belajar tentang deskripsi teks.

Descriptive text adalah sebuah kalimat yang menggambarkan detail sesuatu atau objek tertentu. Ketika kita mendeskripsikan sesuatu atau menggambarkan sesuatu dengan teks, artinya kita sedang membuat descriptive text..

Descriptive text merupakan teks dalam bahasa inggris yang menggambarkan suatu objek atau deskripsi atas gambaran tertentu.

Biasanya objek atau gambaran yang kita deskripsikan bisa berupa benda, tempat, makhluk hidup dan sebagainya. Tidak ada peraturan khusus untuk membuat descriptive text.

Tujuan Membuat Descriptive Text

Tentunya kita punya tujuan tertentu ketika mendeskripsikan sesuatu. Tujuan membuat descriptive text yaitu agar kita bisa mendeskripsikan sesuatu baik orang, benda atau tempat hingga begitu jelas dan bisa dipahami oleh orang lain.

Tujuan kita membuat descriptive text adalah agar orang bisa membaca apa maksud kita dalam menggambarkan sesuatu.

Jadi descriptive text membutuhkan informasi yang begitu detail. Agar pembaca mengerti apa yang sedang kita bicarakan.

contoh teks text paragraf kalimat

Karakteristik Descriptive Text

Sebelum kamu membuat descriptive text, baiknya kita belajar dulu apa saja karakter descriptive text yang perlu kita pahami. Agar kita bisa menulis descriptive text dengan mudah.

Berikut karakteristik descriptive text:

  • Simple Present
    Kalimat descriptive text memiliki karakter yaitu tidak terikat dengan waktu. Ketika kita sedang mendeskripsikan sesuatu, maka kita harus mengutamakan fakta yang melekat pada objek tersebut.
    Tenses yang digunakan yaitu simple present tense. Artinya kita menggunakan kata kerja bentuk pertama atau Verb 1. Contohnya: My New Phone is Samsung
  • Adjective
    Descriptive text bersifat adjective artinya ketika kita menjelaskan suatu objek, kita menggunakan kata sifat atau adjectives.
    Contohnya: My Backyard Garden is Big.
    Kata seperti big, large, small dan sebagainya adalah contoh kata adjective yang biasa kita gunakan dalam membuat descriptive text.
  • Nouns and Noun Phrases
    Ketika kita mendeskripsikan suatu objek, biasanya kita akan menggunakan noun atau kata benda dan noun phrase atau frase kata benda.
    Umumnya kata benda hanya terdiri dari satu kata saja. Noun phrase adalah kata benda yang isinya modifiernya.
  • Relating Verb
    Untuk membuat descriptive text tentu kita membutuhkan kata kerja yang fungsinya untuk menghubungkan antara subjek dan penjelasannya.
    Contoh kata kerja yang membantu memberi penjelasan pada objek yang sedang kita deskripsikan seperti is, seem, have, are dan lainnya.
  • Action Verbs
    Ketika kita mendeskripsikan sesuatu, tentu kita membutuhkan kata yang menunjukkan pada tindakan. Action Verbs biasanya digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan makhluk hidup.
    Contohnya menggunakan kata see, eat, jump dan sebagainya.

Struktur Descriptive Text

Sebelum kamu membuat descriptive text, sebaiknya pahami terlebih dahulu apa saja peraturan dalam membuat descriptive text.

Berikut struktur descriptive text yang perlu kamu pahami:

  1. Identification

Pada descriptive text bagian pertama terdapat teks identifikasi. Tujuannya untuk menggambarkan atau mengidentifikasi suatu objek yang akan di deskripsikan.

Kalimat identification bertujuan untuk memperkenalkan pada pembaca tentang objek atau sesuatu yang akan kita jelaskan sebelum kita menjelaskannya lebih rinci lagi.

Jadi kalimat identification seperti kalimat pengantar sebelum kita masuk ke dalam penjelasan yang lebih detail lagi.

  1. Description

Kalimat ini terdapat di paragraph kedua dan seterusnya. Pada kalimat deskripsi, kita wajib menulis semua hal yang melekat pada objek yang sedang kita deskripsikan.

Setelah pada kalimat identification kita mengenalkan objek. Maka pada kalimat deskripsi, kita wajib menjelaskan sedetail mungkin agar pembaca memahami.

Sebutkan apa saja ciri-ciri, fakta dan lainnya yang mendukung penggambaran objek tersebut. jangan lupa gunakan kata sifat untuk menjelaskan kalimat deskripsi.

Setelah kita mengetahui apa saja karakteristik dan struktur descriptive text, maka kita bahas lebih dalam dengan contoh. Agar kita bisa lebih memahami dan bisa latihan membuat descriptive text.

Contoh Descriptive Text

Berikut ini contoh descriptive text tentang benda yang ada di sekitar kita:

contoh teks text paragraf

Contoh descriptive text Benda di Sekolah

Library at My School

One of my favorite places at school is the library. The library at my school is very clean and tidy. Lots of complete books there.

From textbooks to magazines, everything is complete in the library. The Harry Potter novels are also in my school library. Many students spend their break in the library to read books. Apart from books, our library also has computers. We can use it to do schoolwork.

All bookshelves are neatly arranged. The arrangement of each type of book is also very neat and makes it easier for students to choose books. The atmosphere in the library is very cool, making students feel comfortable.

Contoh Descriptive Text Benda di Rumah

Mom’s New Airfryer

My mom just bought a new cookware that is an airfryer. Airfryer is one of the technological innovations of frying without oil. This tool is very useful for reducing the fat in the oil that we use every day.

Since mom using the airfryer, everything is so much faster and healthier. This tool is very sophisticated because it is digital. We can fry anything using this tool without any cooking oil. Our family became healthier.

Contoh Description Text Benda Kesayangan

My Favorite Pillow

I have a favorite Keroppi pillow. This pillow is my birthday gift from my friends when I was 17 years old. This pillow is quite small in size, but very comfortable to hug. I always wash and dry in the sun to keep my pillows clean and smell good.

I always take my pillow to bed and I never take it off. Even when I have to sleep outside the house, I have to bring my beloved Keroppi pillow.

Contoh Descriptive text Benda Antik

My Dad Have A Many Vinyl in Our Home

My dad is a vinyl collector. He started collecting vinyl when he was a student. His hobbies carried over until he was old. Currently in my house there are hundreds of vinyl collections. Starting from The Beatles album to his favorite singer. Sometimes we listen to music together at night.

My father’s vinyl collection was bought by an Indonesian artist. But my dad didn’t want to sell it because all his vinyl collections were very meaningful. When my father was young, he used to travel around the world looking for vinyl.

contoh descriptive text tentang benda antik vespa piaggio

Contoh Description Text Kendaraan

My New Scooter

I just bought a new scooter, the Vespa Piaggio. This Vespa has been my dream vehicle since I was in high school. After graduating from college, I worked and saved money to buy a Vespa Piaggio.

My Vespa Piaggio is a pastel green color. The color is very pretty. Vespa has many types and the type that I choose is the Vespa Primavera. Every day I use a Vespa to go to work.

Contoh Description Text tentang Benda Elektronik

I Have a New Phone

I just bought a new smartphone that is Samsung Galax Z Flip. This smartphone is my dream smartphone because I saw it in K-drama.

This smartphone is folding and has dimensions of 6.7 inches. Very easy to put in the pocket. The camera is also very good and I often shoot videos using my cell phone camera.

I bought it at a pretty high price. My Samsung is purple. The design is very beautiful and elegant. I use it every day and it is very comfortable to use.

Contoh Description Text tentang Benda di Rumah

My Dad Built Fish Pond

My dad just built a new fish pond. We filled the fish pond with big Koi fish. This fish is a legacy of my grandfather because grandfather has died.

My father took care of these koi fish in the fish pond at home. Around the fish pond, my mother planted various types of ornamental plants to make the atmosphere cooler.

Dad also built a garden bench for family gatherings and barbeques. Every week we always gather in the garden near the fish pond while enjoying the beautiful view.

The atmosphere of the house becomes cooler with the sound of gurgling pool water.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Benda Antik

contoh deskripsi teks benda antik

My Grandmother Have a Antique Ceramic

My grandmother is a ceramic collector. In his house, we can find many types of antique ceramics. Starting from plates, jars, glasses and even ceramic displays.

He bought all of his antique collections in various places in Indonesia. even some of them grandma bought in China when visiting there.

The ceramic that grandmother got can be valued up to billions of rupiah. Because some of them grandma bought in the antique market.

There are even ceramics that are very expensive. The ceramics became a display at Grandma’s house. Every object that Grandma bought has historical value. So my grandmother loves them very much.

Contoh Descriptive Text Panjang tentang Benda 5 Paragraf

A notebook is a type of computer that is portable and lightweight, making it easy to take with you on the go. It is typically smaller and thinner than a traditional laptop, and is designed to be used for tasks such as taking notes, writing papers, and browsing the internet.

One of the main advantages of a notebook is its portability. Because it is smaller and lighter than a laptop, it is easier to carry around with you, whether you are traveling, commuting to work, or just going to class. This makes it a great tool for students and professionals who need to be able to access their computer while on the go.

Another advantage of a notebook is its long battery life. Because it is designed to be used while on the go, it typically has a longer battery life than a traditional laptop, allowing you to use it for extended periods of time without having to worry about running out of power.

Notebooks also tend to be more affordable than laptops, making them a great option for those who are on a budget. They also tend to have a simpler, more streamlined design, which makes them easier to use and maintain.

Overall, a notebook is a convenient and portable computer that is perfect for those who need a device that is easy to take with them wherever they go. Whether you are a student, professional, or just someone who needs a computer for everyday tasks, a notebook is a great choice.

Sebutkan Kaidah Kebahasaan Descriptive Text ?

Kata kerja (verb) bentuk present tense (s + v 1 s/es),
Kata benda (noun) tertentu, Detailed noun phrase (informasi rinci kata benda), Adjective (kata sifat) yang bersifat mendeskripsikan, menyatakan jumlah, dan mengklasifikasikan, Relating verbs untuk memberikan informasi tentang subjek, Thinking verbs atau feeling verbs yang menunjukkan opini pribadi penulis.

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