9 Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan beserta Generic Structure

Descriptive text merupakan salah satu materi yang sudah tidak asing bagi kamu bukan? Sebab bagi pelajar yang saat ini sudah berada di jenjang SMA mungkin sudah mendapatkan materi tentang pembahasan ini.

Bagi kamu yang ingin memahami tentang descriptive text dan mencari contoh descriptive text tentang hewan, yuk ketahui definisi, fungsi serta strukturnya terlebih dahulu.

Pengertian Descriptive Text

Apa itu descriptive text? Sesuai dengan kata dasarnya yaitu ‘describe’ yang berarti deskripsi. Descriptive text merupakan suatu teks yang akan memberikan penjelasan atau mendeskripsikan tentang seseorang, hewan, tempat, atau benda tertentu.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan

Adapun ekspresi ini biasanya dibuat ketika kamu ingin membuat seseorang atau pembaca bisa membayangkan apa yang kamu deskripsikan. Maksudnya ialah ketika kita ingin menggambarkan apa yang kita lihat sebelumnya kepada orang lain.

Generic Structure pada Descriptive Text

Dalam penulisan descriptive text, ternyata perlu diketahui mengenai kaidah-kaidah penulisannya. Dimana beberapa diantaranya seperti struktur dari teks tersebut. Teks ini memiliki struktur atau bagian pada teks sebagai berikut.

  • Identification

Sesuai dengan kata kuncinya, struktur atau bagian ini pada teks yaitu memiliki maksud untuk mengidentifikasi objek yang ingin dideskripsikan pada teks. Identifikasi memiliki tujuan untuk memberikan perkenalan kepada para pembaca mengenai objek yang ingin di deskripsikan.

Sehingga pada bagian ini penjelasan awal mengenai objek tersebut tidak akan mendetail. Serta pembahasan lebih rincinya tidak terletak pada identification. Dengan kata lain, identification merupakan pengantar teks yang memperkenalkan objek sebelum memasuki deskripsi lebih rinci.

  • Description

Lalu struktur yang kedua yaitu description. Deskripsi merupakan bagian yang melanjutkan apa yang sudah di jelaskan oleh identification. Apabila identification hanya memperkenalkan, maka description akan memberikan penjelasan lebih rinci tentang objek yang dideskripsikan.

Sehingga description bisa dikatakan sebagai bagian yang akan memberikan penjelasan rinci dan mendetail tentang objek yang sedang dibahas. Biasanya akan memberikan ciri-ciri dari objek tersebut agar bisa tergambar dan terbayangkan oleh para pembaca.

Karakteristik dari Descriptive Text
Untuk bisa membuat atau mengidentifikasi descriptive text. Ada beberapa patokan atau bisa disebut sebagai karakteristik untuk bisa menemukan dan mendukung bahwa teks tersebut merupakan teks deskriptif teks. Berikut ini beberapa karakteristik dari deskriptif teks.

  • Menggunakan Simpel Present

Deskriptif teks itu merupakan suatu teks yang tidak memiliki keterikatan mengenai referensi waktunya. Sehingga teks ini akan menggunakan simple present tense sebagai aturan penulisannya. Di mana tenses ini akan menggunakan V1 sebagai bentuk kata kerjanya.

  • Menggunakan Adjective dan Adverb

Kamu akan sering menjumpai berbagai kata-kata adjective dan juga adverb di dalam teks tersebut. Sebab kata-kata tersebut sangat dibutuhkan untuk membantu memberikan gambaran atau menjelaskan mengenai objek yang sedang dideskripsikan.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan

Setelah kamu sudah mengetahui beberapa materi mendasar dari deskriptif teks. Maka kami akan memberikan contoh dari materi di atas agar kamu bisa mengerti pengaplikasian dari materi-materi sebelumnya.

Di pembahasan kali ini, kami akan memberikan deskripsi yang mengambil tema hewan karena sering digunakan dan mudah untuk dipahami. Maka dari itulah simak informasi mengenai contoh descriptive text tentang hewan di bawah ini. Contoh berikut akan membuat kamu lebih paham tentang descriptive text.

contoh descriptive text tentang hewan kucing

Contoh Descriptive Text Hewan Kucing

This is my lovely cat, his name is Derris.  I took care of him since he was a kid when I bought it at the animal market.  Derris is currently 9 months old.  My cat belongs to the Persian breed so it has long fur.  Derris has a petite body and a funny face.  Moreover, his activeness makes me want to continue playing with him.

Derris grew into a very healthy cat because he always eats regularly so that his body continues to grow.  He has a very beautiful long brown fur, the fur is also very soft and very comfortable to touch.

Derris has black eyes with sharp pupils when outdoors.  His eyes will look very cute when he is in the room because his pupils will turn big so he will look like a spoiled and obedient cat.

The tail is also not too long maybe only about 10 cm.  However, because the fur is very long, the tail also looks long.  The pads on the feet are cute because they are pink in color and are soft to the touch.  The pads on this foot serve as a sense of touch for Derris.

His body that is not so tall makes Derris’s body look tiny coupled with his long hair.  My cat is very spoiled because when I’m sitting he will come to my palm and put his head in my hand as a sign that he asks him to be petted.

Derris certainly makes my day feel happier.  This is because his spoiled and adorable nature makes me want to keep playing with him.

Contoh Descriptive Text Hewan Panda

Panda is one of the mammals with a large size that is liked by many people.  This is because Panda has a very adorable body shape and behavior.  Some of the main characteristics of this animal are its large shape and the combination of black and white colors on its body.  The panda is a native animal from China that belongs to the bear family.

The body shape of the panda is very similar to the bear, both in posture and in other body characteristics.  It’s just that you have a difference in terms of color.  Panda has quite a thick fur with two colors, namely white and black.  The overall color of the panda’s fur is white with black spots in some parts.  Usually, panda eyes have patches of black fur around their eyes.

Panda also has a tail that is not so long and looks around so it will look even funnier when viewed.  Pandas have an average size of 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters.  And weighs between 75 to 135 kg. Pandas amake bamboo their main food because it is used for diet.  They can spend 40 kg of bamboo per day.  Because the panda is an omnivorous animal that eats all kinds of food.

Unfortunately, this cute mammal can only be found in some zoos.  Because pandas are included in protected animals because they are almost extinct where the population does not reach 1000 heads.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan Kelinci

Rabbits are small mammals that are very cute and are characterized by long ears.  I have a rabbit named Bob.  This rabbit when I went with my father while visiting the pet shop, there I saw a cute little white rabbit so my father bought it for me.

I bought the rabbit when it was quite small, and now it has grown in size and is 7 months old.  Bob has quite thick and white fur all over his body.  I always bathe to keep his fur white and clean.

Bob has a pair of long pink ears because the fur is quite thin on the ears.  Bob’s eyes are red and will look very striking when exposed to sunlight.

My rabbit likes carrots as the main dish.  That’s why I always give him at least 3 carrots a day.  Sometimes I let him out of the cage so he can run around and jump around.  Of course, after a few hours, I’ll put him back in the cage.

My rabbit has 4 legs with different sizes between the two front and two hind legs.  The two front legs are quite small and different from the hind legs.  The hind legs are quite large because they are the main mover when he jumps.

Bob’s tail is very cute because it is very short.  Because the tail is covered by tattoo feathers, it will make the tail look like a lump and look round.  That’s why this tail will look cute when seen together with its body.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan Gajah

Elephants are one of the animals that can be found easily in every zoo.  Elephants are one of the largest land mammals.  This animal has a large body and almost no hair on its body.  Elephants are herbivores that eat all kinds of plants around them, even grass.

Elephants have very wide and large ears that almost everyone knows.  It turned out that the large ears of the elephant made him have a very sharp sense of hearing.  So he can hear sounds from tens of kilometers though.

Elephants are very famous for their trunks.  The elephant’s trunk has a function to help it take food and drink.  Elephants drink by sucking water through their trunk and then passing it into their mouths.  The trunk on this elephant is very simple and if you look at its structure it may almost have a function as a nose.

Elephants have a large body along with 4 very large legs.  Elephants have also been included in one of the protected animals because the population is also almost extinct.  The elephant population itself is decreasing due to human greed in hunting elephants for their tusks.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan Anjing

I have a dog named Mochi. I adopted mochi when I was 5 months old.  I decided to adopt him because many people say that dogs are obedient and loyal animals.  Mochi is a brown breed of local dog.  My dog ​​is very spoiled and cute.

My dog ​​is healthy ​​because it has four legs that function well.  Mochi has two fairly large brown eyes.  It has 2 cute ears because one of the ears is always bent down.

Mochi has fur that is not so long but thick.  The color of his fur is brown and almost covers his entire body.  The color around the legs has a very easy brown color almost like white.

Mochi has a fairly long tail that is almost 20 cm with thin fur.  Mochi is an adorable dog and very spoiled because he always asks me to play with him.  Mochi often carries a ball or stick and gives it to me to throw.

So that later he will run to pick up the stick or ball and return it to me.  Every time I came home he also always came to me and always put his head on my body to be stroked.

That’s why I love my dog ​​because he is very cute and obedient.  So I gave him a black necklace as a sign that he is mine.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan Kura-kura

Turtle is a reptile that is now often used as a pet. Turtles are animals that have a characteristic. They have shell on their back as a tool to defend themselves from other predators.

Turtles have a fairly unique shape.  The shell has an oval-like shape that will be the place or home of the turtle’s real body.  If they sense a threat then they will heal themselves into the shell.

The turtle shell has 6 holes, 4 of which are for the legs and 2 of them are for the head and tail.  Turtles are divided into several types so that each of their physical characteristics is of course different, especially in the shell.

The size of the turtles is also very diverse, some are very small and some can reach a very heavyweight of almost half a ton.  All turtles lay eggs on land, although many live in water.

Although the shell on the turtle is only a tool for self-defense, the turtle can feel the touch through the shell.  Because the shell is connected to nerve endings so they will be able to feel when there is a touch on their shell.

The unique fact of turtles lies in the determination of their sex.  Because of the egg has a temperature below 29 degrees then the cell will produce a male turtle.  But if the egg is more than 29 degrees it will produce a female turtle.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan Burung

I have a pair of birds named Yin and Yang.  The two birds are included in the type of lovebird.  I took care of these two birds because I like the color of both, it’s very beautiful.  The sound of both bird are also very beautiful to listen to.

This bird is very suitable to be used as a pet.  This is because lovebirds have beauty, liveliness, and a good voice.  The size of this bird is also quite small when put in a cage.

This bird usually has a combination of three colors or two colors.  My lovebird has a dominant green color and a red and yellow head.  As for the other one, it has blue as its dominant color and the head has white.

Yin and Yang have the same size which is about 15 cm.  I put the 2 birds in one cage and they seem to get along very well.  In the morning the two birds are often chirping so it is very comfortable to listen to.

I fed them with grains I bought at the pet store.  I also provide a place for water as drinking water.  My lovebird has a habit of flying here and there in the morning so it looks very active and agile.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan Hamster

I have a hamster; his name is Tom.  I bought it last week because of its cute little body shape.  For ordinary people may see Tom as a mouse.  I only gave him one because I didn’t have a cage big enough to hold more than one hamster.

Tom has a pretty attractive color because of the combination of three colors, namely brown, white, and black.  His body size is only the size of my fist.  Tom has a fat body so it looks round and cute.

Her ears are also so small that they don’t look like ears because they are covered by her beautiful fur.  The eyes and mouth are also very small so it is very cute when viewed up close.  Tom has brown eyes that are small in size.

My hamster is a mammal with chubby cheeks.  So that when I lifted her body to see her face it looked very cute.  I feed him every morning and evening with the jars I bought at the pet store.

With his little feet, it turns out that he is active enough to run around here and there when I occasionally release him from the cage.  I was so inspired by the Hamtaro movie that it gave Tom’s cage a ride for sports.

So I gave him a device that swiveled when Tom ran in it.  I like Tom especially when I see him eating and when I put Tom in my hand.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Hewan Kupu-kupu

Butterflies are insects that have quite beautiful visualizations depending on the species.  And many do not know that the beautiful animal comes from a caterpillar.  The age is also very varied, some are 2 days and even up to 11 months.

The shape of the butterfly is very beautiful, which consists of the original body then equipped with 2 beautiful wings.  The butterfly’s wings are very thin and have different colors.  On the butterfly’s head, there are also two small antennae as its trademark like other insects.

It turns out that the colors on the butterfly’s wings also have their respective functions based on the color variations.  Some of its functions are to attract the opposite sex and can also be used to absorb heat.  They also use this color to blend with nature so they can avoid the awareness of predators.

It turns out that butterflies can only fly if their body temperature is above 86 degrees Celsius.  Another interesting fact is that some of the fastest butterflies can fly at a maximum speed of 30 mph.

Butterflies are an evolutionary form of caterpillars.  First, the caterpillar will emerge from the egg and the body becomes an adult.  After reaching its time, the caterpillar will turn into a cocoon so that later a beautiful butterfly will emerge from the cocoon.

Apa ciri-ciri dari descriptive text ?

Descriptive Text menggunakan attribute verb seperti be (am, is, are), menggunakan simple present tense, fokus pada satu objek tersebut, menggunakan kata sifat atau adjective, menggunakan bahasa yang menarik

Apa Fungsi dan Tujuan dari Descriptive Text ?

Descriptive text berfungsi untuk menggambarkan, mengidentifikasi atau mendeskripsikan ciri-ciri dari orang, benda, hewan, tempat dan lain-lainya.
Penulis mengolah informasi kemudian menulis descriptive text berdasarkan apa yang dilihat dan didengar, tanpa melakukan penelitian secara detail.

Editor Choices :

Descriptive text merupakan salah satu jenis teks yang saat ini sangat umum dijumpai dan sering dipelajari di jenjang pendidikan. Dengan adanya beberapa contoh descriptive text tentang hewan di atas bisa dijadikan sebagai gambaran mengenai bagaimana deskriptif teks itu.

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