3 Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Kesehatan

Analytical exposition adalah sebuah teks dalam bahasa inggris yang isinya berupa argument logis dari penulis tentang sebuah isu yang harus diperhatikan.

Tujuan dibuatnya analytical exposition text adalah agar penulis berhasil mempengaruhi pembaca terkait isu yang harus diperhatikan.

Biasanya isu atau fenomena yang dibahas berkaitan dengan kehidupan kita sehari-hari. Sehingga pembaca sadar bahwa isu tersebut memang harus lebih diperhatikan setelah dibuatnya teks analytical exposition.

Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Kesehatan
Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Kesehatan

Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Kesehatan

Berikut ini beberapa contoh teks analytical exposition tentang kesehatan:

Keep Using Masks at Home When You Have the Flu

Viruses are very small objects and cannot be seen with our eyes. Reflecting on the covid pandemic, we should still wear masks at home when we have the flu.

Masks can prevent the spread of the virus, especially in the house. If we are selfish and choose not to wear masks, maybe our family can catch the flu too. Especially if our family members have fairly severe disease.

Masks are not only important to wear outside the house, but at home, especially when you are sick. In addition to protecting your family from the virus, you also play an important role in stopping the spread of the virus.

Wearing a mask at home is a very wise action. Considering that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. It’s better to wear a mask and avoid our families.

So that the air can be cleaner, you can buy an air diffuser. This tool is very important to make the air in your home cleaner.

Wearing a mask when you have a cold is very important in preventing the spread of the virus, especially at home where your loved ones live.

Masks can prevent the spread of the flu. So you don’t have to worry about your family getting infected anymore.

Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Kesehatan Merokok
Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Kesehatan Perokok Pasiv

Passive Smokers Are More Dangerous Than Active Smokers

Passive smokers are 4 times more risky to get sick than active smokers. This happens because active smokers inhale smoke directly from cigarettes and use filters.

While passive smokers inhale cigarette smoke without a filter. Plus they also inhale the smoke that has come out of the lungs of active smokers.

Secondhand smoke is more susceptible to lung cancer. This happens because they inhale more cigarette smoke without filtration.

Active smokers tend to be unaware that their cigarette smoke endangers the lives of those around them. Especially if we inhale cigarette smoke every day.

Especially women who have partners who smoke, are at risk of developing lung cancer. The cases of lung cancer patients increased drastically, even though the patients were not active smokers.

This is evidenced by laboratory tests that analyze that passive smokers inhale more smoke and cause lung damage.

It’s best to stop smoking or you could expose the person you love the most to lung cancer. If you still want to smoke, then find a place far away and find an open space.

Avoid smoking in crowds because they are passive smokers who can inhale the smoke from your cigarette.

Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Kesehatan Sarapan
Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Kesehatan Sarapan

Delaying Breakfast Causes Gastritis

Many office workers replace breakfast with a cup of coffee. Though this triggers an increase in gastritis and causes GERD.

Breakfast is not to be missed even if you only eat one bread. You have to fill in carbohydrates to be active until noon.

If you replace breakfast with a cup of coffee, then the carbohydrate needs in your body are not being met. You need carbohydrates for energy.

As a result, the stomach produces more acid. These are the causes of GERD that you should be aware of. In addition, stomach acid also triggers chronic ulcer disease.

If you have GERD then you must undergo more serious treatment. Patients with GERD often experience shortness of breath due to rising stomach acid.

If you don’t want to feel this, then don’t delay breakfast and replace it with a cup of coffee that triggers stomach acid to rise.

Breakfast is the start of an activity and you shouldn’t replace it with a cup of coffee. If this is done every day, then the stomach will hurt.

Pay attention to the caffeine content in the cup of coffee you drink every morning. Caffeine cannot replace the needs of carbohydrates in your body.

Beware of acid reflux disease or GERD because you always delay breakfast and replace breakfast with a cup of coffee.

Sebutkan Generic Structure dari Analytical Exposition Text ?

Thesis, penulis mengenalkan topik atau main idea yang akan dibahas.
Argument, penulis memberikan argumen pendukung main idea. Biasanya terdapat lebih dari dua pendapat/data pendukung.
Reiteration, bagian penutup berisi penulisan kembali atau penempatan kembali ide pokok Analytical Exposition.

Itulah 3 contoh analytical exposition tentang kesehatan. Hal yang harus kamu perhatikan adalah membuat struktur teks analytical exposition dan membuat pembaca sadar akan isu penting ini.

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