3 Contoh Report Text Singkat tentang Kucing Beserta Strukturnya

Ada banyak jenis teks bahasa inggris yang wajib kita pelajari, salah satunya adalah membuat report text. Artikel kali ini akan membahas definisi report text, ciri-ciri dan strukturnya.

Jika kamu ada tugas untuk membuat report text, sebaiknya simak artikel ini sampai selesai. Di akhir artikel akan ada beberapa contoh report text singkat tentang kucing. Jadi bisa menjadi panduan kamu untuk mengerjakan tugas.

Definisi Report Text

Report text adalah sebuah teks yang berisi penjelasan terhadap suatu hal. Penjelasan atau deskripsi ini berasal dari pengamatan, penelitian dan observasi.

Contoh Report Text Singkat tentang Kucing

Report text bertujuan untuk menggambarkan sebuah objek dengan apa adanya tanpa ditambah kalimat imajinatif.

Untuk membuat report text harus berdasarkan penelitian dan pengamatan penulis. Jadi kamu bisa mendeskripsikan benda-benda di sekitarmu untuk membuat report text.

Ciri-Ciri Report Text

Ada beberapa ciri-ciri report text yang perlu kamu pahami agar bisa membuat report text dengan benar. Berikut rangkumannya:

  • Report text harus berisi fakta ilmiah
  • Untuk membuat judul report text harus dengan kalimat umum agar mudah dikenali banyak orang.
  • Disertai gambar untuk mendukung hasil penelitian penulis.
  • Menggunakan kalimat simple present tense
  • Menggunakan kata kerja yang berhubungan
  • Report text menggunakan kata benda umum

Struktur Report Text

Report text adalah sebuah teks bahasa inggris yang menggambarkan sebuah objek apa adanya sesuai hasil penelitian atau pengamatan penulis.

Untuk membuat report text kita perlu memperhatikan strukturnya. Berikut ini struktur report text:

  • General Classification
    Bagian pertama adalah informasi umum hasil dari pengamatan penulis. Bisa tentang hewan, tumbuhan atau topic lainnya.
  • Description
    Bagian ini penulis wajib mendeskripsikan lebih mendalam lagi dan rinci terhadap hal yang sudah diteliti.
Contoh Report Text Singkat tentang Kucing

Contoh Report Text

Berikut ini ada beberapa contoh report text singkat tentang kucing yang bisa menjadi panduan kamu:

Contoh Report Text Singkat tentang Kucing Angora

Cats are one of the pets of many people in the world. Even the number of domestic cats in the world there are about six hundred million.

Cats are animals that have existed since 10000 years ago. Even in Islam, the cat is the favorite animal of the Prophet.

One type of cat that is a favorite to be kept is Angora. Angora cats have very soft fur. Angora is one of the most frequently contested cats in the world. They are cats that have very fine white fur.

Angora has special characteristics, namely long and beautiful hair. The body of the angora is also muscular, long, slender, and elegant.

No wonder the Angora cat is one of the most beautiful cats in the world. The Angora cat has a long nose.

The head of the angora is also triangular. Another interesting thing is the wide, long, and triangular shape of the angora’s ears. Angora cats love cleanliness. They have soft fur so they should always be cleaned.

The cage must also be constantly cleaned. They are most happy to be invited to bathe and care. Especially combing angora hair. The eye color of the angora cat is odd, blue, or yellow. Angora’s tail also has a fairly long size.

To keep the Angora cat healthy, it must be regularly cleaned and bathed. They are a natural cat breed and are among the strongest cat breeds.

contoh report text singkat tentang kucing kelinci

Contoh Report Text Singkat tentang Kucing Persia

Cats are human’s favorite animals after dogs. Cats are the most popular pets in the world. One of the cats that is a favorite of many people is a Persian. This cat has long and smooth fur.

What makes the Persian cat so unique is that it has a round face and a short muzzle. The name Persian comes from the old name of the country of Iran where this cat was first discovered in the 19th century.

Persian has two types, namely bright and slightly dark colors. Persians have a shorter body size than other types of cats.

But they have big bones and very thick fur. So that makes Persians look bigger because of the dense fur.

Persians are very affectionate cats. They are not cats that do the paddling every day. They are spoiled pets and complete the family atmosphere.

Persians are quiet and spoiled cats. They are very sweet and obedient to their owners. Even Persians can be trained in some small tricks.

Persians have large, expressive eyes. When they are sad, they can show sad eyes like humans.

The Persian nose is very unique and small. This Persian head is quite distinctive, namely large and round. Equipped with beautiful eyes, this cat is very beautiful.

They have long and thick fur. His body is also quite muscular even though his legs are very short.

This cat has thick fur so the owner must often clean and comb it. Because they are spoiled cats, so treat them like little kids.

contoh report text singkat tentang kucing kelinci

Contoh Report Text Singkat tentang Kelinci

Rabbits are four-legged mammals that live on land. Rabbits have unique ears due to their long size. Rabbit lips are also very unique because they are split in two. Rabbits have quite strong hind legs because they are very good jumpers.

Rabbits were known to the public in the 18th century which was originally called “coneys”. Newborn rabbits do not immediately have fur.

The condition of the newborn rabbit is blind and hairless. This is the reason why rabbits are safer in the ground because they can’t see.

Rabbits have a short tail and an average body measuring only 20 to 50 cm. The weight of a rabbit is also very small and weighs 2 kg at most.

Adult rabbits can live for 3 years in their natural habitat. But rabbits can also live longer if they are cared for by humans with great care.

Rabbits sleep for 8 hours almost the same as humans. They sleep in burrows they made themselves.

There are many colors of rabbits available. Ranging from bright to dark colors. There are also rabbits with color combinations.

Rabbits can communicate with their friends by demonstrating body positions. They also have a unique voice that is used to communicate.

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