Top 10 Mistakes in Clash Royale

There are several Mistakes in Clash Royale that can be avoided by understanding the Clash Royale Basic Knowledges. Novice players mostly do these some of the mistakes, but experienced players should know these to avoid from mistakenly doing it in the future.

Clash Royale players mostly make the two major mistakes including playing too abusively and not estimating elixir. Your game will go through absolutely different route from winning by making any of those two mistakes.

#1 Mistakes in Clash Royale : Not Estimating Elixir

The most vital idea in Clash Royale is Elixir benefit. You will surely be victorious in the match if you spend lesser elixir to kill more elixir cost of enemy units constantly than your opponent.

Not taking notice to this as much as necessary is a big mistake done by new players and many players out there. Make sure you learn how to expand elixir benefit in Clash Royale.

Consider whether if a card can earn you elixir benefit or not if you deploy a card. You need to spend 4 elixirs to deploy Goblin barrel and a timely Arrows card can destroy it right away.

You will only spend 3 elixirs to deploy Arrows allowing you to lead one elixir ahead your opponent. You are likely to win the match if you maintain playing this way.

 Mistakes in Clash Royale elixir

#2 Mistakes in Clash Royale : Aggresive

The next mainly common mistake done by players is extremely fighting aggressively. Defending your own tower generally is a lesser fun than assaulting and destroying your opponent’s units and towers.

Sending all your units along one path to destroy the enemy tower is the most common mistake. If you do not apply this Clash Royale Basic Knowledges, your undefended tower will be likely attacked by opponent’s surprising unit as most of his troops defend his tower.

Without being able to attack his tower, your tower is destroyed as the outcome of the mistake.

 Mistakes in Clash Royale aggressive

#3 Mistakes in Clash Royale : Remain Fighting When Tilting

Players that are beaten in some fights in a row will experience tilting. They are angry when tilting that causes them to play worse. This is similar to poker when you are difficult to think and focus to play smart.

After defeated three fights in a row, take a little rest if you get a problem getting angry from losing. You might go down more if you are playing even worse caused by getting angrier and keep playing.

#4 Tips To Swapping Decks

Trying out new decks is fun especially it’s pleasing to try out new cards you recently unlock. Yet, some players reshuffle their entire deck whenever they are beaten. Avoid doing this.

Your deck was perhaps not the cause you were defeated. Clash Royale Basic Knowledges is it is best for you to become skilled at one deck and then only replacing a few cards at a time to change the deck.

In addition, rather than leveling up the whole thing, only the needed cards you can concentrate on leveling up if you keep to the same deck for the whole time.

#5 Mistakes in Clash Royale : Tardily Playing Cards

You will waste a huge amount of elixir if you are lately playing cards. You don’t need to place your archers to kill one barbarian attacking your tower.

Archers will be a waste and die as it travels to your opponent’s tower wasting 3 elixirs as your tower can kill the barbarians itself.

This is commonly done by most players far too often. You just waste elixir as you are playing a card too late as waiting to fill up elixir.

Arrows are other example for this case. When Arrows are too slow to play when a goblin barrel is deployed to attack you, the arrows will land after the goblins have been killed.

#6 Mistakes in Clash Royale : Use Reactive Cards

Elixir trades will be hard to make by your opponent in positive way against proactive cards such as the baby dragon.

Composing positive elixir trades with it for your opponent is really difficult. When deployed alone, it deals significant damage to enemy towers and most units.

In contrast, cards that are used to counter other cards are the reactive cards or known as Spell cards such as Arrows and Freeze.

Your opponent’s moves are the reasons why you use these cards. If your opponent has nothing for you to react to, do not play these. It will be just a waste of elixir if you attack your opponent’s towers with Arrows or Freeze.

Skeleton army or minions are similar with this mistake as playing solo on them will be a waste of elixir.

#7 Mistakes in Clash Royale : Do Not Have Elixir Left

Do not have elixir left and only see your crown tower is destroyed by your opponent is so irritating. Except you know there is low elixir on your opponent bar, you have to save some elixir.

This Clash Royale Basic Knowledges will truly roll the game whether you are pushing enemies or defending your towers.

#8 Mistakes in Clash Royale : Only Focus On One Area

Clash Royale has two walking paths that you have to focus on both. Just focus on one area will be likely done when battling. When there is really thrilling or anxious event, it is easy to get tunnel vision such as defending your tower or attacking your opponents’.

What happens in the other path is easily unnoticed when this occurs. Lots experienced players experience this mistake countless times, so be careful and make sure you keep your mind on this Clash Royale Basic Knowledges.Mistakes in Clash Royale one path

#9 Understanding The Cards

Understanding the fundamental of the cards is the key to be successful in Clash Royale. Knowing which units can fly, which units can attack air, which units can cause area damage are basics you need to know.

There are websites and apps that provide the information of the cards category that can be used for iOS or Android. Make sure you know which units are shield that can defend other units.

 Mistakes in Clash Royale cards

#10 Playing The Winner’s Game

There is about the same skill of the players in most Clash Royale battle thanks to the ELO rating system. The fewest mistakes made by the player will usually guarantee for winning as the system evenly match the two players.

Mistakes in Clash Royale winner deck

Keeping on avoiding mistakes are the key though the simple winning place is typically what most people are trying to make. It is the winner’s game for the case.

Instead, always reduce mistakes and make positive elixir trades by playing the loser’s game. You can finally win the game if you take note this Clash Royale Basic Knowledges.