How To Use Skeletons Efficiently

How To Use Skeletons

Skeletons are considered weak but they are in fact very useful. If you know how to use Skeletons properly you can win many trophies with them.


On offense Skeletons work well when coupled with a tank. Let’s say you’re sending in a level 2 Prince plus level 7 Skeletons. Four level 7 Skeletons equals to 208 attack damage per second. That’s significantly higher that the Prince’s 161 attack damage per second. Combine the two and you have 369 attack damage per second.How To Use Skeletons

Want to give your enemy even more headache?

Let a Witch join the team. Deploy the Witch first behind the Arena Tower. By the time she reaches the bridge she will have summoned 4 Skeletons, all of them are 5 levels higher than she is. Then deploy the Prince plus Skeletons. Note that to make this attack successful you need to lure your enemy to use his Arrows or Fireball first.How To Use Skeletons

How to Use Skeletons when Defense

Skeletons only cost 1 Elixir. You don’t need to think twice about using them to lure an incoming troop away from its target.  They are especially useful when you’re dealing with Baby Dragon or Minion Horde.

The trick is to place the Skeletons slightly off to the other lane. So when you see a Baby Dragon or Minion Horde flying on the left lane put the Skeletons in front of the King’s Tower but slightly to the right. The Baby Dragon or Horde will come chasing the Skeletons giving your Towers ample time to take these air units down.

The same trick works on ground melee troops as well. Prince, mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, and Giant Skeleton can all be lured to the center of your Arena.  Those heavy hitters won’t have any problem wiping the floor with your Skeletons but, hey, they’re cheap. As long as they can make the attacking troops take a detour they have served their purpose.

Can the Skeletons be used for other purposes instead of just luring the enemy’s troops away?

Of course they can. If you see a Witch or Wizard crossing the bridge and about to attack your Tower just drop the Skeletons right on top of them. Their splash damage is useless when they’re surrounded. They can only target one Skeleton at a time. Four Skeletons and one Arena Tower are no match for either the Witch or Wizard.

Okay, we hope that this short article can shed some light on how to use Skeletons properly. If your deck contains mostly high Elixir troops you should balance it with Skeletons. They’re cheap but really useful.

How To Use Fireball, Arena 1-4

how to use fireball

Too many Clash Royale players underuse the Fireball. It’s one of the most potent Spells in Clash Royale and learning how to use Fireball properly will reward you big time.

How NOT to use Fireball

Some players use Fireball to take down an Arena Tower. This is a bad move. Fireball deals less than half of its area damage when used on Towers. Unless you use it as a finishing move on a weakened tower it’s best to save this spell to blast incoming to use fireball

Another bad example is using Fireball to counter spawners prematurely. Let’s say your enemy only has one Hut behind his Arena Tower. Don’t panic and hit it with Fireball right away. Spawners gonna spawn and you just need to be patient. When he places another Hut then you can go and blast the two together along with the Tower.

So, how to use fireball properly ?

One proper use of Fireball is when it gives you an Elixir advantage. For example, countering Barbarians followed by Wizard is a good trade off because you’re using a 4 Elixir Spell to counter 5 + 5 Elixir troops. That’s a huge lead there. Just make sure the Wizard is at least one level below the Fireball otherwise the Wizard will still have a little bit of hit points to use fireball

Another good use of Fireball is to support a tank during offense.  Suppose you are sending in a Giant followed by a Wizard against a spawner.  When your Giant is approaching the Arena Tower a Barbarian Hut is placed in front of the Tower to block him. In this case using a Fireball to help the Giant is beneficial. By quickly eliminating the distraction your Giant will have more time to work on the Tower and also the Huts behind it.

One important thing you have to take into account is that Fireball has narrower radius compared to Arrows. You need a better aim to get the most out of it.

When dealing with airborne units aim at their shadows and not the units themselves. For instance, a Minion Horde is coming for one of your Towers. If you aim for the Horde you’re going to miss and waste 4 Elixirs.  Aim at the shadow on the ground. That is the real target.

That’s it for now.  We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how to use Fireball efficiently.  Be sure to take this versatile Spell card to battles. It’s very useful for dealing with massive horde.

How To Defeat X-Bow Quickly

How To Defeat X-Bow beat dealing

X-Bow has annoyingly long range and fast attack rate. It’s no wonder so many Clash Royale players hate it when their enemies are using the X-Bow.  Surprisingly, it is not so hard to counter. In this article we’re going to learn how to defeat X-Bow quickly and efficiently.

How To Defeat X-Bow  using Troops

Barbarians + Hog Rider

Barbarians are tough units. With four of them, the X-Bow will need quite some time to take them all out. This is why you add a Hog Rider into the scene. Barbarians distract and the Hog Rider will take care of the X-Bow.

Giant/Hog Rider  + Archers/Spear Goblins

Giant or Hog Rider will target the X-Bow so naturally the X-Bow will lock onto them leaving the Archers or Spear Goblins free to take it down.

How To Defeat X-Bow beat deal

Minions/Minion Horde/Baby Dragon

Now that X-Bow can no longer air target it susceptible from air unit attacks. Minion, Minion Horde, or Baby Dragon can deal some damage even before the X-Bow is fully deployed. Use these troops only when the X-Bow is placed close to your side of the Arena. If the X-Bow is at the center, your units will be shot down before dealing any significant damage.

Goblin Barrel

X-Bow has long deploy time so use this to your advantage. Whenever you see an X-Bow,  quickly throw a Goblin Barrel at it. The Goblins won’t be able to take it down but they will deal enough damage to shorten its lifespan. This strategy works when your enemy places the X-Bow to defend instead of attacking. In such scenario the X-Bow will be placed deep in enemy’s map so sending in any kind of troop will just take too long.How To Defeat X-Bow beat dealing

How To Defeat X-Bow  using Buildings

The purpose of using Buildings here is not to destroy the X-Bow but to distract it so it will never touch any of your Towers. For example, you can use Barbarian Hut and place it in front of the Crown Tower. The Hut will keep spawning Barbarians and the X-Bow is going to target them instead of your Towers.

Using Barbarian Hut you can easily gain an Elixir Lead. Just keep piling up those Elixirs so you can swarm the enemy with more troops once your Elixir Bar is full.

Do not use Tombstone or Spear Goblin Hut. They spawn weak troops and the X-Bow can finish them off quickly then it will start to attack the Building. Barbarian Hut is your best choice.

How To Defeat X-Bow using Spells

No Spell can take an X-Bow in one hit. Use a Spell only when it only has some of its hit points left. As always you should aim to damage as many units as possible. Use Fireball or Arrows when the enemy is deploying troops to protect the X-Bow.

See, dealing with X-Bow is not so hard after all. We sure hope this short tutorial on how to defeat X-Bow will be useful in your upcoming battles.

How To Deal With Freeze Combo

How To Deal With Freeze Combo

Some Clash Royale players say the Freeze spell is too strong. It renders troops and towers useless for over five seconds.  Yet, those who use Freeze don’t always win in battles. If you want to know how to deal with freeze combo, read on! We’re going to uncover the strategies that can counter the Freeze combo.


Freeze is often paired with Balloon or Hog Rider. First, your enemy sends one of those two building destroyers. Then, when you deploy your defending troops your enemy cast the Freeze spell making your troops useless along with the tower.How To Deal With Freeze Combo

That is the basic use of Freeze when attacking so for defense the main rule is to never clump your troops together. Freeze has 3 tile radius, so try to spread your defending troops, then they can’t be frozen together.

Since Hog Rider and Balloons target buildings you can use defensive buildings to lure them. Inferno Tower is  one excellent building to use. Once your enemy deploy a Hog Rider or Balloon quickly put the Inferno Tower two  or three tiles in front of the Crown Tower.  Now your enemy must make a choice. Use Freeze on the Inferno Tower or let the Rider or Balloon die.How To Deal With Freeze Combo

If they choose to Freeze the Inferno Tower, deploy cheap troops such as Goblins or Minions. At this point your Arena and/or Crown Tower will already join the fight so your troops don’t need to do much. If they choose to ignore the Inferno Tower, it’s your win.

Another strategy is to deploy cheap defensive troops near your Tower.

The idea is to lure your enemy into using the Freeze. Once he does that you deploy your main defensive troops to counter the Hog Roer r Balloon.


Once you know that your enemy has Freeze in his deck you should learn to never deploy most or all of your troops when you attack. Always try and lure your enemy to cast the Freeze by deploying your cheap troops first.  How To Deal With Freeze Combo goblin barrel

For example, send in your Hog Rider and after he’s frozen send in Goblin Barrell to knock your enemy’s Arena Tower down.  The Arena Tower will keep shooting the Hog Rider before turning to the Goblins. Those three nasty rascals have plenty amount of time to deal massive damage on the Tower.

You can also send the Goblin Barrel first. When they’re frozen send in a Hog Rider quickly. The enemy’s Tower will suffer great damage either way.

Okay, that’s all for our short tutorial on how to deal with freeze combo. Once you learn to spread your troops and time their deployment that Freeze Spell is really not that hard to counter.

How To Counter Prince Effectively

how to counter Prince how to beat Prince

The Prince’s charge attack is devastating. Your Tower Arena has very little chance of surviving if you let the Prince roams free. This article will explain some of the best ways on how to counter Prince. In short you can do it by using Troops or Buildings.

How To Counter Prince using Troops


When the Prince comes charging just block its way with Barbarians.The Prince can’t take out four Barbarians backed by an Arena Tower no matter how strong he is.  Barbarians are sturdy and they have good attack to counter Prince how to beat Prince

how to counter Prince how to beat Prince

Skeleton Army

When surrounded by Skeleton Army the Prince will keep attacking them one by one. A truly futile attempt.  The Prince is strong but he takes too much time switching from one Skeleton to next.  By the time he kills ten Skeletons  he will already lose all of his hit points.

Skeleton Army can be wiped out easily by Bomber, Arrows, Fireball, or Valkyrie.  Use the Skeleton Army after your enemy have deployed those splash damage troops and spells. This rule is not set in stone, though. For example,  when the Prince is followed by a Bomber you may still use Skeleton Army if you think you can finish him before the Bomber blast the whole horde.t will het in stone, though. Even when the Prince is backed bykyrie. If the Prince is backpt. e roams free. This arti

Minion Horde

Minion Horde is almost as effective as Skeleton Army in
terms of countering a Prince. The only drawback is that they don’t block the Prince’s attack so you’ll sacrifice some of your Tower’s hit points to counter him. Deploy the Horde early just when the Prince enter your map to minimize the lost.


Deploy the Witch quickly behind your Arena Tower whenever you see the enemy is deploying the Prince.  As she moves to the front line you’ll have four or more Skeletons ready to block the Prince charge attack. Those pesky Skeletons will keep him busy while the Witch and Arena Tower carve away his hit points.

How To Counter Prince using Buildings

One notable building to block Prince’s advance is the Tombstone. Just like when you’re using a Witch deploy the Tombstone quickly when you see the enemy is dispatching the Prince. Get as many waves  of Skeletons to block his path.

“What about other buildings?”

Nope, don’t bother. They are too costly and just can’t hold the Prince long enough for the Tower to finish him.

Taking down the Prince as soon as possible is a smart move in anyone’s book. We hope that these simple tips on how to counter Prince will help you win your next battles. Be sure to practice these tips with your clan mates before using them on actual battles so you’ll know which ones suit you best.