How To Use Skeletons Efficiently

Skeletonsare considered weak but they are in fact very useful. If you know how to use Skeletons properly you can win many trophies with them.


On offense Skeletons work well when coupled with a tank. Let’s say you’re sending in a level 2 Prince plus level 7 Skeletons. Four level 7 Skeletons equals to 208 attack damage per second. That’s significantly higher that the Prince’s 161 attack damage per second. Combine the two and you have 369 attack damage per second.How To Use Skeletons

Want to give your enemy even more headache?

Let a Witch join the team. Deploy the Witch first behind the Arena Tower. By the time she reaches the bridge she will have summoned 4 Skeletons, all of them are 5 levels higher than she is. Then deploy the Prince plus Skeletons. Note that to make this attack successful you need to lure your enemy to use his Arrows or Fireball first.How To Use Skeletons

How to Use Skeletons when Defense

Skeletons only cost 1 Elixir. You don’t need to think twice about using them to lure an incoming troop away from its target.  They are especially useful when you’re dealing with Baby Dragon or Minion Horde.

The trick is to place the Skeletons slightly off to the other lane. So when you see a Baby Dragon or Minion Horde flying on the left lane put the Skeletons in front of the King’s Tower but slightly to the right. The Baby Dragon or Horde will come chasing the Skeletons giving your Towers ample time to take these air units down.

The same trick works on ground melee troops as well. Prince, mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, and Giant Skeleton can all be lured to the center of your Arena.  Those heavy hitters won’t have any problem wiping the floor with your Skeletons but, hey, they’re cheap. As long as they can make the attacking troops take a detour they have served their purpose.

Can the Skeletons be used for other purposes instead of just luring the enemy’s troops away?

Of course they can. If you see a Witch or Wizard crossing the bridge and about to attack your Tower just drop the Skeletons right on top of them. Their splash damage is useless when they’re surrounded. They can only target one Skeleton at a time. Four Skeletons and one Arena Tower are no match for either the Witch or Wizard.

Okay, we hope that this short article can shed some light on how to use Skeletons properly. If your deck contains mostly high Elixir troops you should balance it with Skeletons. They’re cheap but really useful.