How To Use Golem, The Mighty Card

Golemis a troop you unlock in Arena 6. It has insanely high hit points and it’s the best tank you’ll get in high Arenas.

The Deck

Before we continue, please note that you shouldn’t use a Golem if it’s still on level 1. A level 5 Giant has roughly the same amount of hit points but way more efficient in terms of Elixir. I hope you’ve been saving your Gold for a while now. You’re going to need it to buy Golem cards when they show up in the Shop. When they do, grab them immediately to upgrade your Golem to level 2.How To Use Golem

After upgrading your Golem we can now go and build a Deck to support him. Golem’s best friend is the Wizard. Wizard can blast away any land or air troops sent to block the Golem’s advance. You will also need a pair of high damage spells like Lightning and Fireball. Golem is vulnerable against Inferno Tower and you can be sure many high level players have one in their deck.

With Golem, Wizard, Lightning, and Fireball we have four open slots left. One slot should definitely be the Elixir Collector. Golem costs 8 Elixirs so an Elixir collector is very important to quickly boost your Elixir especially during the final minute.

Now, we’re left with three slots. We just need to fill them with Archers, Spear Goblins, and Skeletons. They are cheap and can be used as distraction as well as support.How To Use Golem3

How To Use Golem when Offense

Just like when using Giant, deploy the Golem behind the King’s Tower. Once your Elixir bar is full put the Wizard behind the Golem. At this point your enemy should already have his counter ready.

If he’s sending weak troops let the Wizard takes care of them. If your enemy is using Inferno Tower or high damage unit such as Prince, mini P.E.K.K.A, or the full grown P.E.K.K.A go and hit them with a Lightning and/or Fireball. Sending in the cheap troops also works. Keep those high damage units busy while your Wizard blasts them over and over again.How To Use Golem3

On offense you really want to go all out until your Golem bursts into
a pair of Golemites. When that happens go back to defense and save your Elixirs for the next round of attack.


There really isn’t any efficient way to use Golem during defense. He costs 8 Elixirs and using him to defend one Tower pretty much left your defenseless on the other Tower. Use the cheap troops as lures and distractions during defense. Use Golem exclusively for offense.

That wraps our tutorial on how to use Golem in Clash Royale. Using Golem effectively takes a lot of practice but in high level Arenas he is one card you’re going to use a lot. So take your time in mastering Golem strategies. You’ll be glad you did.