How To Use Goblin Barrel Properly

Have you been thinking about adding Goblin Barrel to your Deck but still unsure if it’s actually worth it? Well, one thing we can tell you is that it’s really worth it. In this article we’re going to show you how to use Goblin Barrel. There are some Goblin Barrel combos that you just must try.

Goblin Barrel + Freeze

This is one of the most basic Goblin Barrel combos yet it works so well. Just throw in a Goblin Barrel at your enemy’s Arena Tower and follow through with the Freeze Spell. Those Goblins will have a nice 5+ seconds to play with that Tower.

Throwing the Goblin Barrel is a slow process so your enemy may have a counter ready when the Barrel drops. If he counters using Arrows then you obviously don’t want to follow through with the Freeze spell. There’s no point in doing so. But, if the counter is in the form of troops then quickly Freeze them along with the to use goblin barrels

Goblin Barrel + Mirror

With a Mirror you can use the last card you played at the cost of one Elixir more. That means you can throw a Goblin Barrel for 4 Elixirs and use Mirror to throw another Goblin Barrel for 5 Elixirs. This strategy can really make your enemy go crazy.

Picture this, you send in a Goblin Barrel on his left Arena Tower. He uses a Spell like Arrows or maybe Freeze to counter it. But then you use mirror and send another Goblin Barrel to that Tower. You can also throw it on the other Tower and that’s enough to make your enemy panic. how to use goblin barrels arena 4above

Goblin Barrel + Prince

Aim for the front part of your enemies Arena Tower. Throw the Goblin Barrel there and quickly deploy the Prince at the same time. Those Goblins make good distractions. Yes, sadly, in this combo the Goblin Barrel is just a fodder. The Prince is the main star of the show.

One final note, since Goblin Barrel combos are generally expensive in terms of Elixirs you better deploy some kind of defensive building first before executing the combos. Doesn’t matter if it’s Inferno Tower, Cannon, Tesla, or Bomb Tower. Just put a defensive building at the center before going for the combos. You’ll be having a hard time at defending your Towers without the help of a defensive building.

Okay, that concludes this short tutorial on how to use Goblin Barrels. We hope to see you next time on our next Clash Royale tutorial. Cheers.