How To Use Fireball, Arena 1-4

Too many Clash Royale players underuse the Fireball. It’s one of the most potent Spells in Clash Royale and learning how to use Fireball properly will reward you big time.

How NOT to use Fireball

Some players use Fireball to take down an Arena Tower. This is a bad move. Fireball deals less than half of its area damage when used on Towers. Unless you use it as a finishing move on a weakened tower it’s best to save this spell to blast incoming to use fireball

Another bad example is using Fireball to counter spawners prematurely. Let’s say your enemy only has one Hut behind his Arena Tower. Don’t panic and hit it with Fireball right away. Spawners gonna spawn and you just need to be patient. When he places another Hut then you can go and blast the two together along with the Tower.

So, how to use fireball properly ?

One proper use of Fireball is when it gives you an Elixir advantage. For example, countering Barbarians followed by Wizard is a good trade off because you’re using a 4 Elixir Spell to counter 5 + 5 Elixir troops. That’s a huge lead there. Just make sure the Wizard is at least one level below the Fireball otherwise the Wizard will still have a little bit of hit points to use fireball

Another good use of Fireball is to support a tank during offense.  Suppose you are sending in a Giant followed by a Wizard against a spawner.  When your Giant is approaching the Arena Tower a Barbarian Hut is placed in front of the Tower to block him. In this case using a Fireball to help the Giant is beneficial. By quickly eliminating the distraction your Giant will have more time to work on the Tower and also the Huts behind it.

One important thing you have to take into account is that Fireball has narrower radius compared to Arrows. You need a better aim to get the most out of it.

When dealing with airborne units aim at their shadows and not the units themselves. For instance, a Minion Horde is coming for one of your Towers. If you aim for the Horde you’re going to miss and waste 4 Elixirs.  Aim at the shadow on the ground. That is the real target.

That’s it for now.  We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how to use Fireball efficiently.  Be sure to take this versatile Spell card to battles. It’s very useful for dealing with massive horde.