How To Defeat X-Bow Quickly

X-Bow has annoyingly long range and fast attack rate. It’s no wonder so many Clash Royale players hate it when their enemies are using the X-Bow.  Surprisingly, it is not so hard to counter. In this article we’re going to learn how to defeat X-Bow quickly and efficiently.

How To Defeat X-Bow  using Troops

Barbarians + Hog Rider

Barbarians are tough units. With four of them, the X-Bow will need quite some time to take them all out. This is why you add a Hog Rider into the scene. Barbarians distract and the Hog Rider will take care of the X-Bow.

Giant/Hog Rider  + Archers/Spear Goblins

Giant or Hog Rider will target the X-Bow so naturally the X-Bow will lock onto them leaving the Archers or Spear Goblins free to take it down.

How To Defeat X-Bow beat deal

Minions/Minion Horde/Baby Dragon

Now that X-Bow can no longer air target it susceptible from air unit attacks. Minion, Minion Horde, or Baby Dragon can deal some damage even before the X-Bow is fully deployed. Use these troops only when the X-Bow is placed close to your side of the Arena. If the X-Bow is at the center, your units will be shot down before dealing any significant damage.

Goblin Barrel

X-Bow has long deploy time so use this to your advantage. Whenever you see an X-Bow,  quickly throw a Goblin Barrel at it. The Goblins won’t be able to take it down but they will deal enough damage to shorten its lifespan. This strategy works when your enemy places the X-Bow to defend instead of attacking. In such scenario the X-Bow will be placed deep in enemy’s map so sending in any kind of troop will just take too long.How To Defeat X-Bow beat dealing

How To Defeat X-Bow  using Buildings

The purpose of using Buildings here is not to destroy the X-Bow but to distract it so it will never touch any of your Towers. For example, you can use Barbarian Hut and place it in front of the Crown Tower. The Hut will keep spawning Barbarians and the X-Bow is going to target them instead of your Towers.

Using Barbarian Hut you can easily gain an Elixir Lead. Just keep piling up those Elixirs so you can swarm the enemy with more troops once your Elixir Bar is full.

Do not use Tombstone or Spear Goblin Hut. They spawn weak troops and the X-Bow can finish them off quickly then it will start to attack the Building. Barbarian Hut is your best choice.

How To Defeat X-Bow using Spells

No Spell can take an X-Bow in one hit. Use a Spell only when it only has some of its hit points left. As always you should aim to damage as many units as possible. Use Fireball or Arrows when the enemy is deploying troops to protect the X-Bow.

See, dealing with X-Bow is not so hard after all. We sure hope this short tutorial on how to defeat X-Bow will be useful in your upcoming battles.