How To Defeat PEKKA Effectively

Some say P.E.K.K.A is too over powered. It’s almost like he’s impossible to stop. If you often feel helpless when confronted with him just relax a bit. We are going to show you how to defeat PEKKA and turn the tide of battle.

How To Defeat PEKKA using Troops


Put the Barbarians right at the center of you Arena to draw PEKKA there. Your Arena Tower will already start attacking him at this point. PEKKA’s attack rate is very slow so he’s going to take a while working on the Barbarians. Once he’s done with the Barbarians he will get back to your Tower but he will already lose a lot of hit to defeat PEKKA

Giant + Minions

Giant is as slow as a PEKKA which makes him a great troop to lure him away from your Tower.  When your decoy is moving too fast PEKKA will lose interest and continue where he left off.

When PEKKA is approaching your Tower place the Giant at the center of the Arena but slightly off to the other lane. So if PEKKA is on the left lane put the Giant a bit off to the right lane. PEKKA will spot him and chase him down while your Arena Towers are now targeting the PEKKA. Drop Minions on PEKKA and he’ll have no chance of surviving. Be sure to deploy Minions a bit far back from the enemy’s Arena just in case they send in ranged troops to aid the PEKKA.

Giant has high hit points so even if your enemy deploy more troops to get him your Minions will still have enough time to counter PEKKA.

How to defeat Pekka using Buildings

P.E.K.K.A is slow, really slow, so an Inferno Tower will have killed him before he lands even a single hit. Inferno Tower is basically the most effective building to go against PEKKA. Its attack damage increases over time so a single target with huge hit points makes an easy target for it.

That being said, all kinds of buildings and troops are usable when you’re in a pinch. Suppose your Giant just died and your enemy suddenly sends in a PEKKA just put whatever cheap buildings or troops you have on the center to distract PEKKA away from his target.

That’s the end of your short tutorial on how to defeat PEKKA. Remember folks, the main strategy of countering PEKKA is to lure him away from your Towers.  If you are still unsure about these strategies just do some friendly battles with your clan mates so you can practice and test their effectiveness.