How To Deal With Freeze Combo

Some Clash Royale players say the Freeze spell is too strong. It renders troops and towers useless for over five seconds.  Yet, those who use Freeze don’t always win in battles. If you want to know how to deal with freeze combo, read on! We’re going to uncover the strategies that can counter the Freeze combo.


Freeze is often paired with Balloon or Hog Rider. First, your enemy sends one of those two building destroyers. Then, when you deploy your defending troops your enemy cast the Freeze spell making your troops useless along with the tower.How To Deal With Freeze Combo

That is the basic use of Freeze when attacking so for defense the main rule is to never clump your troops together. Freeze has 3 tile radius, so try to spread your defending troops, then they can’t be frozen together.

Since Hog Rider and Balloons target buildings you can use defensive buildings to lure them. Inferno Tower is  one excellent building to use. Once your enemy deploy a Hog Rider or Balloon quickly put the Inferno Tower two  or three tiles in front of the Crown Tower.  Now your enemy must make a choice. Use Freeze on the Inferno Tower or let the Rider or Balloon die.How To Deal With Freeze Combo

If they choose to Freeze the Inferno Tower, deploy cheap troops such as Goblins or Minions. At this point your Arena and/or Crown Tower will already join the fight so your troops don’t need to do much. If they choose to ignore the Inferno Tower, it’s your win.

Another strategy is to deploy cheap defensive troops near your Tower.

The idea is to lure your enemy into using the Freeze. Once he does that you deploy your main defensive troops to counter the Hog Roer r Balloon.


Once you know that your enemy has Freeze in his deck you should learn to never deploy most or all of your troops when you attack. Always try and lure your enemy to cast the Freeze by deploying your cheap troops first.  How To Deal With Freeze Combo goblin barrel

For example, send in your Hog Rider and after he’s frozen send in Goblin Barrell to knock your enemy’s Arena Tower down.  The Arena Tower will keep shooting the Hog Rider before turning to the Goblins. Those three nasty rascals have plenty amount of time to deal massive damage on the Tower.

You can also send the Goblin Barrel first. When they’re frozen send in a Hog Rider quickly. The enemy’s Tower will suffer great damage either way.

Okay, that’s all for our short tutorial on how to deal with freeze combo. Once you learn to spread your troops and time their deployment that Freeze Spell is really not that hard to counter.