How To Counter Prince Effectively

The Prince’s charge attack is devastating. Your Tower Arena has very little chance of surviving if you let the Prince roams free. This article will explain some of the best ways on how to counter Prince. In short you can do it by using Troops or Buildings.

How To Counter Prince using Troops


When the Prince comes charging just block its way with Barbarians.The Prince can’t take out four Barbarians backed by an Arena Tower no matter how strong he is.  Barbarians are sturdy and they have good attack to counter Prince how to beat Prince

how to counter Prince how to beat Prince

Skeleton Army

When surrounded by Skeleton Army the Prince will keep attacking them one by one. A truly futile attempt.  The Prince is strong but he takes too much time switching from one Skeleton to next.  By the time he kills ten Skeletons  he will already lose all of his hit points.

Skeleton Army can be wiped out easily by Bomber, Arrows, Fireball, or Valkyrie.  Use the Skeleton Army after your enemy have deployed those splash damage troops and spells. This rule is not set in stone, though. For example,  when the Prince is followed by a Bomber you may still use Skeleton Army if you think you can finish him before the Bomber blast the whole horde.t will het in stone, though. Even when the Prince is backed bykyrie. If the Prince is backpt. e roams free. This arti

Minion Horde

Minion Horde is almost as effective as Skeleton Army in
terms of countering a Prince. The only drawback is that they don’t block the Prince’s attack so you’ll sacrifice some of your Tower’s hit points to counter him. Deploy the Horde early just when the Prince enter your map to minimize the lost.


Deploy the Witch quickly behind your Arena Tower whenever you see the enemy is deploying the Prince.  As she moves to the front line you’ll have four or more Skeletons ready to block the Prince charge attack. Those pesky Skeletons will keep him busy while the Witch and Arena Tower carve away his hit points.

How To Counter Prince using Buildings

One notable building to block Prince’s advance is the Tombstone. Just like when you’re using a Witch deploy the Tombstone quickly when you see the enemy is dispatching the Prince. Get as many waves  of Skeletons to block his path.

“What about other buildings?”

Nope, don’t bother. They are too costly and just can’t hold the Prince long enough for the Tower to finish him.

Taking down the Prince as soon as possible is a smart move in anyone’s book. We hope that these simple tips on how to counter Prince will help you win your next battles. Be sure to practice these tips with your clan mates before using them on actual battles so you’ll know which ones suit you best.