How To Counter Hut Decks

In Clash Royale you will certainly face Hut Deck once in a while. Your enemy will deploy one hut after another, swarming your with ever increasing number of troops. So how do you deal with this kind of Deck ? Well, in this tutorial we’re going to give you some strategies on how to counter Hut Deck. We’ll go over the Buildings, Spells, and Troops that you can use to defeat it.

How To Counter Hut Decks using Buildings

Bomb Tower is the natural enemy of Hut Decks. It can blast multiple spawned troops at once. Put it three to four tiles in front of the Crown Tower and wait until your Elixir bar is full. Then, you can launch an attack with the Spells and Troops described below.

If you don’t have Bomb Tower then X-Bow will do just fine. It can only attack one target at a time but it has insanely long range and quick attack rate.  Put the X-Bow a bit far back in defensive position, right in front of the Crown Tower. This way it will be protected by both Arena Tower just in case the enemy is sending troops to take it down. How To Counter Hut Deck How to beating Building

How To Counter Hut Deck How to beating Building 3

How To Counter Hut Deck using Spells

Fireball and Lighting are the two best Spells you can use to fight spawners. With these Spells you can reduce the Huts’ hit points as well as the Tower. Be careful not to hit the Crown Tower early in the game. If you inflict damage on the Crown Tower you’ll activate it and increase your enemy’s defense considerably.

When you’re on defense hold off the Spells until your enemy deploy his support troops .That way you can gain the Elixir advantage. How To Counter Hut Deck How to beating Building

How To Beat Hut Decks with Troops

The best kind of troops to defeat Hut Deck is the ones with splash damage.  Baby Dragon, Wizard, Bomber, and Valkyrie are some of them. They are not enough to push through a swarm of troops, though. To do that you’re going to need a unit with high hit points like a Giant or Giant Skeleton. With the splash attacking unit behind the Giant you’ll be able to plow your way and deal some damage on your enemy’s Tower.

Once you managed to deal some damage on enemy’s Tower and/or buildings get back to defense. Put back the Bomb Tower and repeat the defense and attack cycle. The trick is to keep pressing on.

Another reason why you should get back to defense is because your enemy may launch a surprise attack on the other lane. If you keep spending your Elixirs you won’t have anything left to counter the attack.
That concludes our short tutorial on how to counter Hut Deck. Hut Decks are annoying but now you know how to counter them. Okay, now go to battle and win it.