How To Counter Baby Dragon ?

Baby Dragon is  a versatile troop. Players use it on both offense and defense .  Since it’s being used so much in battles it is important for you to learn how to counter Baby Dragon effectively.

Countering a Baby Dragon can be done using Buildings and Troops.

How To Counter Baby Dragon with Buildings


One very effective building to counter a Baby Dragon is the Tesla. Put i
n a few tiles in front of the Crown Tower and it will lure the Baby Dragon and finish it off before it can land a single attack on your Arena Tower.

Inferno Tower

Inferno Tower deals damage that increases over time. Baby Dragon doesn’t stand a chance against it. When you put this Tower on the center of your map Baby Dragon won’t be able to touch any of your Towers. How To Counter baby Dragon Clash Royale


Another good building to use is the Tombstone. The steady stream of Skeletons keeps the Baby Dragon occupied while your Arena Tower of defensive troops finish it off. Be sure to put the Tombstone away from the Arena Tower to keep it away from the splash damage.

How To Counter Baby Dragon with Troops

Minion Horde

Minion Horde can take out Baby Dragon in a snap.  Put the Minion Horde directly on top of a Baby Dragon so it can’t blast them off in a single attack. Practice your timing because if you put the Horde slightly off the Baby Dragon’s splash damage will kill your Horde quic
kly. How To Counter baby Dragon Clash Royale


Musketeer is a cost effective solution for countering the Baby Dragon. If you’re on defense let the Baby Dragon attack the Arena Tower First. Deploy the Musketer one or two tiles to the side of the Tower to avoid getting hurt from the splash damage.

Hog Rider

Hog Rider can’t attack the Baby Dragon but it will distract it and lure it away from your Tower. The Hog Rider is too fast for the Baby Dragon to catch up so it will eventually turn back to your Tower. It’s not a problem because by then it will only have very low hit points left and your Tower can take it down in one or two more shots.


Just like the Hog Rider, Giant is merely a decoy. Once the Baby Dragon targets it you need to deploy your troops capable of attacking airborne enemies such as Archers, Musketeer, Minion, Spear Goblin, or Wizard.

That’s it for our short guide on how to counter Baby Dragon. See you again on your next guide.