Deploying Units And Combating

Here are Clash Royale Basic Knowledges of deploying units and battling that should help to give you idea how to effectively send your units to fight the opponents’ units. Make sure you read this article completely if you want to succeed the game.

Clash Royale Basic Knowledges In starting Battle

Make sure it fills your Elixir bar to full before deploying your first unit. Otherwise, your opponent will have the more advantage over you. There are 6 Elixir available and you start the battle by sending your Prince card with spending 4 elixir.

With costs 2 less elixir, a Tombstone will be likely to be deployed by your opponent to beat your Prince and your opponent will lead with 2 Elixir.

Placing the Inferno Tower to start a defense would be a bad idea as the Inferno Tower only last for 40 second and your opponent can send a good unit as it loads up on full Elixir after waiting a few seconds.

So letting first your bar to fill up is the best idea. Deploying your first card when your Elixir bar is full is usually the good idea. Whenever your opponent is waiting at full Elixir, there is a greater Elixir you lead.

Deploying Units And Combating

Deploying Units And Combating

Deploying Units And CombatingBattle Slowly

You also want to deploy a card with low Elixir when starting your battle.  An important Clash Royale Basic Knowledges to winning is using a slow pace to start your battle.

If your starting hand have the Prince and Archer card, starting with the Archers is better since they have less Elixir cost compared to Prince.

It is risky starting with a high Elixir-costing card. If you start with Prince, your opponent will simply places a counter card that quickly beat you in the Elixir race.

Playing a card with low Elixir will let you save elixir while exploring your opponent’s first move. You will always ready to counter with the lasting Elixir if your opponent deploys cards with the rest of the elixir. The high cost cards will be easily beaten by your opponent’s counter cards.

Tips When Deploying Units

Deploying units behind your Towers or at the very end of the arena will create a powerful combination of cards and filling up on Elixir.

This will let you to fill up elixir more and let your unit to go to the opponent’s side in a longer time. This will also let you to create a lethal cards combination with more than 10 Elixir.

Just place a strong unit behind at the fastest back to accomplish this and then you can complete your combination by the time the elixir to fill up and the unit is still walking to the crossing bridge.

Tips When Attacking Arena Tower

It is up to you choosing which opponent’s Arena Towers you want to attack first if you start the first move. But it is best for you to choose to protect your tower if your opponent starts deploying first.

Do not ignore the threat and attack the other tower. The opponent’s unit might deal significant damage to tower you ignore and the unit you send could be defeated by the next unit sent by your opponent.

Deploying Units And Combating best beginner deck

Tear Down Arena Tower One At A Time

Switching towers to destroy them is a big mistake you might do. Target the lowest HP first to destroying the tower, and then start attacking the second one. If you’re in the winning position, let the time out by playing defense.

Focus To Your Healthiest Arena Tower

It is best to reallocate the direction of the battle towards your tower with greater health. Your opponent will try to continuously focus attack toward your weaker Arena Tower. You can still be able to win in this case.

Rather than you leave you left Tower to weakened, making your opponent to attack the healthier Arena Tower will help you to make a counter attack. You can do this Clash Royale Basic Knowledges by filling up your Elixir, and give your left Arena Tower more defenses.

You can take advantage from the Archers on top of Arena Towers by let those help you on defense.

Create strong units when starting move in attacking your opponent’s Arena Tower opposing your healthier arena tower. The big threat like this will force your opponent to alter his offense towards to defend his Arena Tower.

While your enemy focus on defending his arena tower, make sure you keep attacking from your healthier tower. You need to prevent your opponent from targeting your left side by spending his Elixir.

Make Combinations To Create The Most Powerful Attacks

A melee unit might not be a threat if it attacks alone. But, it can give much of a threat when combined with a ranged attacker card. This threat requires a much larger task to impede.

A melee unit cannot stand against opponent’s ranged unit, but with the assistance of ranged unit, your melee unit will easily make his way to your opponent’s tower.

But you need to keep in mind the Clash Royale Basic Knowledges when trying to fill up on Elixir in order to attack in combinations.

Clash Royale Basic Knowledges In Damage Inflicting Cards

There are units that may deal damage to a single unit or building while others can deal splash or area damage to several units or buildings.

Area-damaging cards are some of the weakest cards though they seem the better option in the game. Defeating group of low HP units are best using area damage cards as they deal damage several units at once.

Destroying high HP units are best using point-damaging cards since they deal the highest damage among all cards.

Unit Types

Units in Clash Royals consist of different types of unit and its specialties. There is ground unit that attacks from ground. Air unit can fly and attack from the air.

Air unit has the advantage to not be attacked by ground units that cannot attack flying units.

Melee unit can attack hand-to-hand. Ranged unit can assault from a far. The ideal Clash Royale Basic Knowledges is deploying melee unit in front of ranged units to serve as shield for your ranged attacker.