Clash Royale Deck Arena 4, 5, 6

Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 Spell Valleys

Congratulation on making it to the mid level Arena. You’ve been trying hard, haven’t you.  If you’ve been wondering about the best kind of Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 then look no further. We’re here to discuss about what kind of deck you should make to ensure successful battles.

Getting to Arena 4 takes time so we will assume that you have collected most of the Rare and Epic cards available in Arena 3 and below.

Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 ( P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse )

One example of a good deck to have in Arena 4 is something like this: Giant, Hog Rider, Baby Dragon, Spear Goblin, Arrows, Barbarians, Bomber, and Tesla. The average Elixir cost is only 3.8  which is a good low number.Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6-5


Wait until you get 10 Elixir then put the Giant far back behind your Tower or place the Tesla on your map center.  If you go with the Giant see what your opponent is using then see if it’s better to push on or stay back on defense.

If you decide to move forward here are some excellent attack combo that you should try.Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6-5 Hog Rider

Hog Rider + Arrow

Get the Hog Rider out first. When your opponent is sending more troops to counter just shoot Arrows at them along with the Arena Tower.  Using Arrow is a cost effective way to damage multiple troops at once.

Barbarians + Hog Rider

Deploy the Barbarians first followed by the  Hog Rider. Let the Barbarians act as diversion as the Hog Rider makes its way to the Tower. If you happen to have Arrows ready use that to sweeten things up. It’s kind of risky because you’ll be using up all your Elixirs. You should make the judgement based on whether your opponent is trying to block the Hog Rider or ignore him.Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6-5 Baby Dragon

Dragon + Bomber

Both Dragon and Bomber deal area damage so they make nice combo. Together they can take a large number of troops who are too busy trying to stop your Giant.


This deck has everything you need to counter various attack strategies. If your opponent is sending Skeleton Army or Barbarians place your Bomber behind the Arena Tower to help getting rid of them.

If they send in a tank like a Giant or Giant Skeleton just block them using Barbarians and Spear Goblins.

Tesla  is also great  for defense. It remains underground when no attacking troops are nearby so it’s harder to counter using spell cards. Be sure to place it on the center of your map right in front of the Crown’s Tower. Whenever you’re on defense and the Elixir bar is full always put a Tesla on the center.Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 Spell Valleys

Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 ( Spell Valley )

Legendary cards becomes available when you’re in Arena 5. This is why staying in this Arena as long as you can especially important. Do your best to win battles in this Arena. Here is an example deck that you can use : Giant, Musketeer, Barbarian Hut, Goblin Hut, Bomber, Tesla, Barbarians, and Arrows.


As always put your Giant way back to let you build up more Elixirs as he goes to the front line. To continue with the attack you may use these combos :Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6-5 barbarian hut

Barbarian Hut + Musketeer

Barbarian Hut costs 7 Elixirs so you should wait until your Elixir bar is full before you deploy it.  Let two or three pairs of Barbarians out before you deploy the Musketeer. The Barbarians distract your opponent’s counter and the Musketeer  packs enough punch to finish them off.Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6-5 spear goblins hut

Goblin Hut + Bomber

Place the Goblin Hut on the same side as the Giant. They will keep piling up ready to take land and air troops while the Giant takes all the damage. Complete the combo with Bomber to finish off swarming troops that your opponent may use to block the Giant’s path.


After attacking switch to defense immediately. Just like the Arena 4 defense strategy, put the Tesla on the center of your map.  In short the defense strategies are pretty similar to the ones laid out for the Arena 4

One more thing, a draw is much better than a lost especially when you’ve reached Arena 5. If you are matched with a very strong opponent turn to defense. Focus on countering all the attacks. Pay attention to your Elixir bar and don’t drain it completely empty.Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 builder workshop

Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 ( Builder’s Workshop )

The variety of cards you have when you finally reached Arena 6 allows you to be more creative with you deck setup. However, to win battles on Arena 6 you should put these two cards; Elixir Collector and Mirror.

To start things up here’s an example of the kind of deck which includes those two : Elixir Collector, Mirror, Arrows, Barbarian Hut, Bomber, Giant, Minion Horde, and Spear Goblin.

By now you should have known how to use those cards properly during offense and defense. So let’s skip that and focus on using the Elixir Collector and Mirror to your advantage.Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 mirror


The Mirror card lets you copy the last card you’ve played for only one Elixir. To get the best of it you should use them on the expensive troops. In this case use Mirror on Giant and Minion Horde.

Suppose your opponent is using a Bomb Tower or Mortar as a distraction. Instead of sending just one Giant send two to destroy it much faster.

Elixir Collector boosts your Elixir bar faster and allows you deploy more troops in shorter amount of time. Put this building behind the Arena Tower. Some Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 guides suggest putting it on the center of the your map. Forget it. It’s too valuable to be used as distraction.


Abuse the Mirror card whenever you’re one defense. Two Giants blocking your opponent’s troop will give them major headache. Same thing with mirroring the Minion Horde. A dozen of flying units can take down incoming troops in a flash when placed correctly.Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 elixir collector

Keep that Elixir Collector behind the Arena Towers. You get to deploy more defensive troops this way.

One final tip. As you move to higher Arena be sure to upgrade your Common cards as high as possible. Take advantage of the Clan request and the Shop to speed up the upgrade. High level Commons in your deck ensure more victories compared to low level Epics and Rares.

Okay, that concludes our short guide on Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6. As always mix and match your own troops. The examples shown here are just that, examples. Everyone has their own pace and battle preferences. As long as you’re having fun with it then it’s all okay.

Clash Royale Deck Arena 1, 2, 3

Having a strong deck that will win battles easily is every Clash Royale players dream. New players are no exception. But there’s one big problem of being a new player of Clash Royale. Your deck is limited to mostly Common Cards and very few Rare and Epic cards.

This article focuses on simple tips and tricks for new players on making effective Clash Royale Deck  Arena 1-3.  We will also discuss which combination of cards work well and what are the pros and cons.

There is a guideline of which troops you should put in your deck. Simply put, a good deck has a balance between high & low elixir, melee & range, ground & air, weak & strong troops.Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 cards strategy

Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 ( Goblin Stadium )

In the training camps new players can unlock 4 Common, 4 Rare, and 4 Epic Cards. There’s no telling what kind of cards you will have once you move up to Arena 1. Therefore this section  will show various combinations of cards.  You’re free to pick which one suits you best depending on what cards you have unlocked.

Knight + Bomber

Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 knightClash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 bomberEven at level 1 the Knight has 600 hit points with 75 damage. He’s good for both offense and defense. Best of all he only costs 3 Elixirs. The Knight is a Common card and you’ll get plenty of him from the chests.  You should focus on upgrading him to the fullest.

On offense put the Knight first followed by the weaker Bomber. These two can deal high damage to your opponents’ Towers. On defense be sure to place them right in the middle of your map to lure opponent’s troops away from their target. Bomber will counter swarm of ground troops with ease.

One of the most important aspect about Clash Royale Deck  Arena 1-3 is to use Elixir efficient troops. The Knight + Bomber combo fits the bill costs 3 Elixirs. . them right in the middle of your map to lure opponent’s’pgraded to level 5 and higher.

Giant + Musketeer

Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 giantClash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 musketeerDeploy your giant behind the Arena Tower. As he moves slowly forward your elixir bar will keep increasing giving you plenty of elixir to spare . Place the Musketeer behind him. The Giant acts as a shield that divert opponent troops’ attention and take their attack while your Musketeer shoots them and also the Tower.

Giant is also very good at defending. He will ignore the attacking troops and keep moving forward, drawing them away from your Towers.Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 witch

Witch + Bomber

Both the Witch and the Bomber have splash damage. They can damage multiple targets which makes them great for dealing with swarming troops. The witch can attack both land and air targets. She continously summons skeletons to her aid and that makes her great as diversion.Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 prince

Witch + Prince

One notable card on Arena 1 is the mighty Prince. His charge is devastating and he’s fully capable of taking out an Arena Tower on his own.  When you have unlock the Prince use him immediately.

Don’t put the Prince in front. Deploy the Witch first as distraction followed by the Prince. Your opponent may put whatever troops they have to block the Prince’s charge. Let the witch takes care of those distractions.Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3-2 Bone Pit

Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 ( Bone Pit )

In Arena 2 we should take advantage of the cards unlocked previously in Arena 1 and also the new cards such as the Giant Skeleton and BalloonClash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 Giant Skeleton

Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3-2 Balloon

Giant Skeleton/Balloon + Witch

Just like the Giant you should also deploy the Giant Skeleton behind your Arena Tower. Right before he crosses to opponent’s map put the Witch in front of him. Let him act as a decoy as well as decoy destroyer allowing the Giant Skeleton move closer to your opponents Tower.

What’s great about the Giant Skeleton is when he dies he drops a powerful bomb that can damage defending troops as well as  the tower. Same thing with the BalloonClash Royale Deck Arena 1-3-2 Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon + Prince 

Both of these Epic cards can be unlocked in the Training Camp but the chance o getting them both before arriving in Arena 2 is really low. The chests in Arena 1 has very low probability of giving you Epics.

This combo of two Epic cards can bring your opponents to their knees. Baby Dragon’s splash damage can clear up diversions quickly while taking up the damage. At the same time the Prince can concentrate on taking down the Towers with his charge attack.Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 barbarians

Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 ( Barbarian Bowl )

Barbarians + Baby Dragon

Four Barbarians are tough to stop. Arrows cannot take them down in one hit. Combined with the Baby Dragon this combo will push far into your opponent’s map.

Barbarians + Spear Goblins

Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3-2 spear goblinsFour Barbarians have 1000+ hitpoints. Send them first to shield the Spear Goblins. Your enemy may use Spells to counter so don’t place them too close together. Ready your own Spells to take out the opponent’s defense troops along with the Tower when possible.

Barbarian Hut + Tombstone + Spear Goblin Hut

Using the combination of these three buildings you can do offense and defense continuously. On offense your opponent must continously  counter the stream of troops these three buildings produce. On defense the three gives steady stream of diversions to keep opponent’s troops away from your Towers.

To complete this combo be sure to add damage-soaking cards like the Giant or Prince in your deck. Put them at the front to take damage while your troops keep increasing in number. ‘gether. Ready your own Spells to hield the Spear Goblins.Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3-2 tombstones

More Tips

  1. Arrows and/or Fireball should be in your deck no matter if you’re in Arena 1, 2, or 3. They are effective for defense but also useful for taking down Towers with only a few hit points left. Sending off troops to finish the business may not always work but spells are certain hit.
  2. In Arena 3 mix Arrows/Fireball with the Rage Spell. Even weak troops will be overwhelming for your opponent with this potent Spell.
  3. Save your Gold to buy Epic cards in the Shop especially Baby Dragon and Prince. Once you have them you may use your Gold to buy Common cards to speed up their upgrade.
  4. Defensive buildings like the Bomb Tower, Canon, and X-Bow should never be used early during battles. Your opponent will just sit tight until they expire and commence their attack. They are best used as diversion which can also deal damage to incoming troops.

That’s all for now. We hope this short guide of Clash Royale Deck Arena 1-3 will help get more wins. Please note that these are merely guidelines. Mix and match cards to your liking, keep learning from your losses, and charge on. You will get to Arena 4 in no time.