Counter Splash Damaging Units

Splash damaging units are pain in many Clash Royale players’ rears. That is why you should learn the best ways to counter splash damaging units. In this article we’re going to discuss exactly that.

Notably, there are four splash damaging units that many players love to hate. They are  Baby Dragon, Valkyrie, Bomber, Witch, and Wizard. Let’s see how to counter each of them.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon is actually pretty squishy. It doesn’t take much to bring it down as long as you keep your counter troops or buildings away from it’s splash damage effect.

One popular card a lot of players use to counter Baby Dragon is the Musketeer. Put him behind a decoy like a Giant and he will calmly shoot the Baby Dragon down in less than ten shots.counter splash damaging units

Counter Splash Damaging Units using Valkyrie

Valkyrie spins and spins and damage everything in her range of attack. Since she can only attack land troops she’s very vulnerable against air troops. Minions, Minion Horde, and Baby Dragon can all counter her effectively.

Buildings such as Tesla, Inferno Tower, and Cannon are also useful t
o counter her. They will take some damage, yes, but as long they keep your Arena and Crown Tower safe it’s well worth it.


Bomber has a nasty 360 degrees of splash damage so surrounding it using weak horde such as Skeleton Army is a waste of Elixir. It is best countered using air units such as Minions or Minion Horde. If you dislike having Minions in your deck you may also use Barbarians. Yes, they will surely take some damage but they will bring down the Bomber before they all perish.


Witch summons a pair of Skeletons to protect her and attacks swiftly but she is far from invincible. The trick is not to be distracted with the Skeletons and focus your attack on her. When he crosses to your part of the Arena put a melee unit right on top of her. Her hit points is quite low so it won’t take long to bring her down.

Another excellent way to counter Witch is to use another splash damage u
nit. Bomber and Valkyrie are both effective against her. They can attack both the Witch and the skeletons she summoned.counter splash damaging units


Wizard deals massive splash damage but he is weak. Smash him with a Fireball or Lightning and he’s a goner. Make sure the Fireball is at least one level higher so you won’t need to spend extra Elixirs to finish him off.

So, what do you think?  These strategies to counter splash damaging units make them not scary anymore to you, right? Use these strategies on your next battle and you’ll be the victor.