Clash Royale Gems Guides

For Clash Royale players Gems are by far the hardest resource to gather. It’s even harder to get compared to Clash of Clans. There are many players who are getting frustrated because they can’t get enough Gems to do anything useful with them. In this Clash Royale Gems guide we will explain how you can earn Gems and how you should spend them.

Clash Royale Gems Guide : Earning Gems

Just like many other mobile games you can use real money to buy Gems. This is the fastest method and if you’re willing to spend money it can boost your level very quickly.

However, don’t be disheartened if you are only interested in staying in the f2p (free to play) zone.  You still have plenty of ways to get Gems. Each doesn’t give you much but combined you get enough to spend in the Shop.Clash Royale Gems

Free Chests

You get one Free Chest every four hours. If you’re lucky you get a gem or more depending on which Arena you’re on. Keep in mind that you can only stack two of them so collect them immediately when available.

Crown Chests

Every 24 hours a player is eligible to unlock a Crown Chest. Once you collect 10 crowns from the multiplayer battle you an unlock it. The amount of Gems in this chest is only slightly better than the one you get from Free Chests.


Just like Clash of Clans you also get Gems whenever you complete an achievement. For example you get 5 Gems for donating 250 cards to your clans mate.

“But what about hacks?”

Clash Royale Gems Guides hackYes, there are plenty of so-called “hacks” to get free Gems in Clash Royale but they are all nothing but hoax.  Supercell knows how to protect their game so you can be sure that these “hacks” are nothing but scam.

Clash Royale Gems Guide : Spending Gems

There are three main ways for you to spend Gems. Buying Treasure Chests, speeding up chests unlock, and spend it on Gold.

Buying Treasure Chests

In the Shop you can purchase Giant, Magical, and Super Magical Chests. The Magical Chest is the one you should buy. It offers the best bang for your Gems if you are in Arena 5, which is the mid level Arena in Clash Royale.  One Magical Chest costs 600 Gems and you are guaranteed to get at least 2 Epics and 13 Rares. This chest also has the highest probability of Legendary cards.

The downside of spending your Gems on Treasure Chests is you can’t tell what cards you’re going to get. You may not get the cards that you need to upgrade. If you insist on buying Magical Chests be sure to wait until you reach Arena 5 and stay there. It’s the best way to get the most out of your Gems. Also be ready to spend more than $1,000 to achieve your dream Deck.Clash Royale Gems Guides hack

Speeding Up Chests Unlock

Many players feel the time needed to unlock Battle Victory Chests is too long so they spend their Gems to speed it up. This is a bad way to spend your hard-earned Gems. Even the mediocre Silver Chest costs 18 Gems to unlock. Is it worth it to spend 18 Gems to get Common cards and a very slim chance of Epic? I don’t think so.

Just be patient and let those chests unlock on their own.

Clash Royale Gems Guides : Buying Gold

Every day you can buy an Epic card for 2000 Gold. This is the reason why spending Gems on gold makes a lot of sense. You will get exactly the card that you need. No lottery is involved. The major downside is the cards offered in the Shop changes every day. So,  if the card you want is not there you can do nothing but wait.Clash Royale Gems Guides hack Clash Royale Gems Guides Tricks

Still not sure if this is the best way to spend Gems?

Okay, let’s do a simple math. Let’s say you have 600 Gems to spend. If you use it to purchase a Magical Chest on Arena 5 you will get 2 Epics but they may not be your preferred cards.

If you spend those 500 Gems on Gold you will get 10,000 Gold which you can use to buy 5 Epic cards that you really need. You see?! Buying gold is the wisest way to spend your Gems.

Now, what if you spend that to unlock chests?

With 600 Gems you get to unlock roughly 12 Golden Chests. This guarantees you 24 Rare Cards and 12 slim chances of getting Epics. That’s just terrible value.


To earn Gems just play as usual and open whatever chests you get. When it comes to spending just stick with buying Gold to acquire and upgrade your Cards.

Okay, that is our short Clash Royale Gems guide. We sure hope this can clear up some of your confusions about earning and spending Gems. See you again on your next guide.