Clash Royale Chest Guides

Clash Royale Chest . Clash Royale is taking the mobile game world by storm and for good reasons. It’s an addicting fast-paced game and many people, including those who are fans of Clash of Clans, are playing it daily.

Anyone who play this game will surely notice that there are chests everywhere.  And for that reason we have compiled this Clash Royale chest guide to make you understand better about what  they are and how you can benefit from them.

Why Are Chests Important ?

In Clash Royale the chests are your main source of gems, gold, and cards.  The gems can be used to buy gold or treasure chests. The gold is for buying and upgrading cards. And as for the cards, well, you need it for everything. This is, after all, a card collecting game.Clash Royale Chest Guides

Clash Royale Chest Guide : Types Of Chests

In the land of Clash Royale there are four types of chest you need to know about. They are :

Free Chests

You get one every four hours.  There’s no need to do anything to get one. They are completely free. However, you can only accumulate two of them. It’s best if you open them the moment they are available.  Free chests contain some gold, five common cards, and a good chance of one epic card.Clash Royale Chest Guides 6

Crown Chests

You are eligible to get a Crown Chest once every 24 hours. To unlock it you need to get  ten crowns from the multiplayer battle. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the battles. It still counts as long as you get a crown or two.

Here’s a tip. Whenever this chest is available go for a battle and get at least one crown. The 24 hour timer for the Crown Chest starts when you get the first crown. Securing the first crown is a good way to shorten your wait for the next Crown Chest.Clash Royale Chest Guides 6Clash Royale Chest Guides 4

Battle Victory Chests

Whenever you win a battle you get this one. It can be either a Silver, Golden, Giant, Magical, or even the incredibly rare Super Magical Chest.

Let’s look at each of them in more detail and see what they have in them .

  • Silver (20 – 95 Gold) : Mostly Common cards with a chance of only one Rare just like a Free Chest. Very low chance of getting an Epic
  • Golden (70 – 304 Gold): Mostly Common cards with 1 or 2 Raresest time to do it is at night or before you go to bed. Waking up to an opened Magical Chest like the Crown Chest.
  • Giant (550 – 2,470 Gold) : Heaps of Commons with 8 – 30 Rares.
  • Magical (200 – 950 Gold) : Contain at least 1 Epic and 6 Rares
  • Super Magical (1,200 – 5,700 Gold): Contain at least 6 Epic and 36 Rares

Notice something weird?  There’s no mention about Legendary cards in there.

Well, it turns out that you have a chance of getting a Legendary from ANY chests as long as you’re in Arena 5 or higher.  That’s a nice incentive to aim for Arena 5, don’t you think?

So, when is the best time to unlock them? Silver only takes 3 hours to unlock so unlock it first thing in the morning and keep unlocking any Silver ones you have in the slots. The other chest takes longer to unlock so the best time to do it is at night or before you go to bed. Waking up to an opened Magical Chest is a good mood booster.Clash Royale Chest Guides 6

Treasure Chests

As in most mobile games these days Clash Royale gives you the option to spend real money to buy gems which you can use to buy Treasure Chests. Treasure Chest open immediately. There’s no need to wait for hours. But do they worth it?

As your trusted Clash Royale chest guide we have to say NO. It’s not worth spending money to get the Treasure Chests. At least, not if you’re a newbie to the game. You’ll get plenty of cards just by playing the game freely.  If you are a high level player and desperate for an upgrade then the answer is probably yes.Clash Royale Chest Guides 4

Why probably?

Treasure chests are expensive. They get more expensive on higher Arena.  But that’s not the worst thing about it. The worst thing is you still can’t tell what kind of cards you’re going to get. They may be cards that you really need to upgrade your deck but there’s also a possibility they contain cards you don’t care much about.

Better spend those Gems to buy Gold and then use it to get the cards that you need and want from the Shop. Quite frankly, the only one good reason to buy Treasure Chests is to level up quickly. If that’s your goal and you’re willing to spend the money then there’s nothing wrong about buying them.Clash Royale Chest Guides 6

Clash Royale Chest Guide : Chest Cycle / Pattern

Some people think that Golden, Giant, Magical, and Super Magical Chest appear at random. The Super Magical sure is random but the rest are not. There is supposedly a cycle that determines what kind of chest you’re going to get next.

In total there are 240 chests in one cycle and there are 3 Giant and 3 Magical  Chests spread throughout. This cycle is not fixed and Supercell may alter how this cycle works or rid of it altogether should they feel the need to. For now, it’s nice to know that you will most likely get Giant and Magical Chests by playing casually and winning battles.

That’s it for our Clash Royale chest guide. We sure hope this has answered your questions what the chests are good for.  See you on our next guides and tips.