Best Ways To Counter Wizard Easily

Many Clash Royale players have problems when their enemies are using  Wizard. Even top players can have a hard time dealing with him. Now we’re going to show you some of the best ways to counter Wizard.

Ways To Counter Wizard using Troops


Barbarians are effective against incoming Wizard.You just need to wait until the Wizard crosses the bridge then deploy the Barbarians right on top of him. Even though Wizard has high splash damage he can’t take all of the Barbarians at once when surrounded.Ways To Counter Wizard how to beat wizard

Knight/Prince/Mini P.E.K.K.A

These three cards has high damage and they can finish off a Wizard quickly. The counter method is the just like when you’re using Barbarians. Wait until the Wizard crosses the bridge then deploy the Knight/Prince/Mini P.E.K.K.A  on top of the Wizard.

Out of the three,  the Knight costs the least Elixir. If you’re aiming for an Elixir lead he’s the one you should have in your deck.Ways To Counter Wizard how to beat wizard

Ways To Counter Wizard using Buildings

Inferno Tower

Inferno Tower with its increasing damage makes a good counter for Wizard. Put in two or three tiles in front of the Crown Tower. If the Wizard is coupled with a tank or high hit point units such as Giant or Giant Skeleton be sure to add your own tank to hold them off while your Inferno Tower does its job.

Ways To Counter Wizard using Spells


As long as the Fireball is one level higher compared to the Wizard you can take out the Wizard in a single blast.  You should always try to target multiple targets when using Fireball. If the Wizard is shielded by a tank unit like a Giant or Giant Skeleton you should aim so that they are all within the attack Radius of the Fireball. Once the Wizard is blasted into smithereens you’re free to use cheap troops to kill the tank unit.


This is one spell that can seriously take a Wizard in one hit. If you are having trouble with Wizard you should upgrade this card to the best of your abilities.  Lightning is unlocked in Arena 1 so you have plenty of time to upgrade it to at least level 2 when you reach Arena 4 and 5 where Wizard starts his debut.

If you have extremely bad luck and still haven’t unlocked this Spell by the time you reach Arena 4 then you better save your Gold. One day it will surely show up in the Shop and by then you have enough Gold to grab it.

So, which is your favorite strategy? All of them are great ways to counter Wizard. You should try them all during friendly battles with your clan mates then pick one that’s best for you.