Best Hog Rider Combos

Hog Rider is powerful card. It’s swift, has good attack damage, and high hit points. To help you climb up to higher Arenas we have compiled some of the best Hog Rider combos that you can use.

Hog Rider Combos I : Freeze

This is a very popular combo to use and for good reason. It offers excellent result when done correctly. Since this combo costs 9 Elixirs you should deploy a defensive building then wait until your Elixir bar is full before using it. Defensive buildings like Tesla will keep your Towers safe from counter attacks. This strategy applies to the other combos as well. Remember, a good defense is as important as a good offense. hog rider combos freeze wizard combo freeze

To use the Hog Rider + Freeze combo you need to deploy the Hog Rider first. When the enemy deploys troops to block your way, Freeze them. Your Hog Rider may suffer some damage but for 5+ seconds after that he can really deal massive damage to a Tower.

Remember to get back to defense once your Rider is taken out. You need to keep the defense and offense cycle to ensure victory.hog rider combos minion horde goblin barrel

Hog Rider Combos II : Minion Horde + Goblin Barrel

Send in the Minion Horde first and trick your enemy into using Arrows or Fireball on them. After that, deploy the Hog Rider plus the Goblin Barrel. Be sure to deploy the Minion Horde behind your Tower. You want that Elixir bar to be full when you deploy your Hog.

Hog Rider Combos III : Lightning

Lightning can clear up the distractions set by your enemy.  For example, your enemy is placing a Cannon plus Inferno tower to protect his low health Tower. Let the Lightning Spell slash some of their hit points. Once they are you may proceed deploying the Hog Rider to take down the Tower.

hog rider combos lightning

Hog Rider Combos IV : Prince + Freeze

Both Prince and Hog Rider are heavy hitters so together they can take down a Tower easily. You should not rush when using this combo. Play defensive at first and see what cards your enemy has in his deck. Once you get an Elixir lead and see an opening charge with both of them.  The Prince has slightly better hit points so deploy him first followed by the Hog Rider.

If your enemy has any common sense he will block your advance with troops, buildings, or both. That’s when you Freeze them.

Hog Rider Combos V : Poison

This combo will give your enemy a serious headache. Poison deals damage to any troops your enemy sends to counter the Hog Rider. If your enemy uses Huts to block the Rider then Poison will slow down the spawn rate plus damage any unit coming from the Huts.

Okay, we sure hope these simple Hog Rider Combos can give you some ideas for your next battle deck. As always, practice it first in a friendly battle before you use it on actual battle.